Rudy Southwood
Appear in
Age 19
Species Human
Occupation Number Hunter
Country United States
Dueling Details
Deck U.S.A.
Primary Number Card Number 50.5: Patriot's Firestorm

Rudy Southwoods is a character in a future Numbershot of Rocket Knight 777. He is an American who traveled to Heartland with his friend Simon Notroson.


Rudy is a guy of average build, with short, black hair almost done in a crew cut. He normally wears a white t-shirt under an open army jacket, blue jeans, and slightly worn sneakers.


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Rudy is street-smart and skilled in the art of the street fight. He use to be part of a gang until he was turned around. He's probably to most loyal friend one could have, willing to stand by you no matter what until the end. It is yet unknown how he obtained his Number card.



Rudy's deck is a U.S.A. Deck, which focuses on swarming the field with his U.S.A. Monsters to Xyz Summon or stage an all-out assault.

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