Playmat with Rune Zone

The Rune Zone is a new Card Zone introduced by RenKrawler17, where Ritual Monsters go following an effect that requires for them to be sent to the Rune Zone. It is meant to be utilized as a resource pool for the Ritual Summoning mechanic, as Ritual Monsters in the Rune Zone can be used as Tributes, cost, and/or activation requirements. Some card effects also allow for Ritual Monsters in the Rune Zone to be Ritual Summoned once again. The Rune Zone is located in the top left corner of the playmat, directly above the Field Zone.

At the beginning of the game, there are no cards in the Rune Zone, but Ritual Monsters can be added as the game progresses. The Rune Zone has a maximum size of 3 cards, and all cards in the Rune Zone remain face-up as public knowledge.

Ritual Monsters cannot be placed in the Rune Zone manually. This can only be done with the use of a card that moves a Ritual Monster to the Rune Zone. Examples of effects that send Ritual Monsters to the Rune Zone include, but are not limited to:

  • "When this face-up card is destroyed by battle or card effect, you can place it face-up in your Rune Zone."
  • "You can place this card from your hand or field face-up in your Rune Zone: add one Level 4 or lower Monster from your Deck to your hand."
  • "Send one Ritual Monster from your GY to your Rune Zone."

The Rune Zone is an "upgrade" to the Ritual Summoning mechanic by solving resource management and consistency concerns surrounding the Ritual mechanic. Some of the ways the Rune Zone is meant to be utilized are:

  • Using Ritual Monsters in the Rune Zone as cost or activation requirements to activate effects (Ex: "Send one Monster from your Rune Zone to the GY and target one Monster on the field: Destroy it.")
  • Tapping in Rune Zone Monsters to replace a weaker Ritual Monster on the field (Ex: Sending a Level 6 Ritual Monster on your side of the field to the Rune Zone, and then Summoning a Level 8 Monster from your Rune Zone, assuming the effect of the Level 6 Monster allows for this)
  • Using Rune Zone Monsters as Tributes for other Ritual Summons (Ex: A Ritual Spell Card that allows for you to send Monsters from your Rune Zone to the GY as Tributes)
  • Ritual Summoning straight from the Rune Zone if a Ritual Spell Card allows you to
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