A Rush Duel is a variety of Turbo Duel featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! EX. It is played using Duel Runners or "Duel Board"s. The duels are similar to that as those in the 5D's manga, with a few major differences, primarily, for Field Spells and the number of Spells that can be played. When a Field Spell is played, the duel field (and course) is changed to match that the respective Field Spell.

In the world of EX, this type of duel is used exclusively in the Rush Cup.


  • Field Spell Cards are prohibited from the Main Deck. Instead, each player may choose 1 Field Spell Card (if any) of their choice that is set aside. The player that goes first may activate their respective Field Spell before the duel actually begins.
  • Field Spell Cards cannot be removed from the field under any circumstances, but can have their effects negated by other card effects that can negate a Field Spell Card.
  • Each player can only activate 1 non-Quick-Play Spell Card per turn, but can activate as many Quick-Play Spell Cards as they please.
  • Life Points are set to 4000, unless otherwise noted.


It should be noted that due to the nature of a Rush Duel, certain duelists can take advantage of this type of Duel by using Field Spell Cards such as "Clock Tower Prison", "Necrovalley", "Black Garden", or "Pandemonium" to gain a one-sided advantage. However, this "advantage" is not guaranteed, and this strategy may even put that player at a tremendous disadvantage if he/she is unable to go first. Furthermore, decks that usually require Field Spell Cards are often at a disadvantage as Rush Duels favor those that use Quick-Play Spells and punishes decks that rely on Normal Spells or otherwise, such as HERO builds.

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