Name Rydia
Age 17 (debut)
Gender Female
Relatives Yuzu Hiragi (Standard Dimension counterpart)
Selena (Fusion Dimension counterpart)
Rin (Synchro Dimension counterpart)
Ruri Kurosaki (Xyz Dimension counterpart)
Eri (Composition Dimension counterpart)
Izanami (Dark Synchro Dimension counterpart)
Deck Unknown
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V sequel fanfiction

Rydia (リディア Ridia) is a character in a future ARC-V sequel fanfiction. She is the Ritual Dimensional counterpart of Yuzu Hiragi. She is a member of one of the domed settlements that Yushu protects from rogue Composition Dimensionals, and appears unaware of what is truly happening.


Rydia has fair skin, gray eyes, and periwinkle hair done up in four braided pigtails. Like her counterparts, her facial features look identical to Yuzu's, and she has the same two sidetails in her hair, hers being ultramarine in color. She also wears a bracelet like them, which has a periwinkle jewel housed within a bowl-shaped container.

Rydia's outfit is an indigo hooded sweatshirt with a single drawstring, a bright yellow skirt, pink socks that come to under the knee, and blue tennis shoes with darker blue laces and white soles.


Rydia is the innocent sort of person, seeing things optimistically and trying not to focus on the negatives. Very trusting and rather naive, she can sometimes be oblivious to what is going on, but she always has the best intentions when she acts. Rydia is a somewhat bashful girl who sometimes hides her face in her hoodie when she feels shy.


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Yushu and Rydia have been friends for a long time, and Yushu has practically been a caretaker to Rydia. As a result of all the good Yushu has done for people, Rydia developed a sense of hero worship (not to mention a huge crush) towards him, not allowing anyone to talk bad about Yushu while also hiding her face in shyness when he's around. Rydia believes Yushu when he tells her things, even when he's flat-out lying to her; whether or not Rydia knows he's lying is unknown.

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