Name Ryuki
Age 15 (debut)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Deck Amorphage
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V fanfiction

Ryuki (last name unknown) is a character in a future ARC-V fanfiction. The son of one of the first Duel Schools to obtain Pendulum Summon, his protectiveness of the mechanic leads him to be a persistent presence in Yuya Sakaki's life.


Ryuki is a rather built teenager with a slight tan, yellow-green eyes with a natural leer to them, and thick and scruffy bright blue hair with streaks of silver in them. His teeth are noticeably sharp, as seen when he often shows his teeth with a grin. Ryuki's outfit is not currently determined, but it is known that he changes outfits frequently.


Being born into privilege, Ryuki often views himself above other people, speaking loudly and oppressively while being a big show-off to prove himself. This leads him to bully other people he feels he can, and like a bully often does, his nerve tends to weaken when faced with someone who can actively stand against him. Ryuki adamantly believes he is the creator of Pendulum Summon and is willing to attack anyone with access to the mechanic under the pretense of "stealing his idea", though this side of him does not last as Pendulum becomes more widespread. Despite his egotistical demeanor, he does recognize genuine talent and is willing to give fair dues, and cares greatly about his school and home city.


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Ryuki plays an "Amorphage" Deck. He frequently swaps out which cards are in his Pendulum Zones to control the field to his liking while his monsters lock down the opponent's Extra Deck, but this can sometimes lock him out of his own Extra Deck if he needs it. He is one of the few Duelists early on with access to Pendulum Summon, with his primary Pendulum Monsters being the "Dracoslayers" and "Dracoverlords".

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