Name: Sakura Omi
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Deck: Spellcaster
Appears in: Decks-hibition 1

Sakura Omi is a one-shot character appearing in Taylor Gorrell's Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL continuity.


Sakura is a short girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair and pink eyes. She has only been seen wearing the first-year Heartland Middle School female uniform.


Sakura is a bubbly and cheerful girl, yet she is also rather ditzy, sometimes to the point of full-bore obliviousness. According to Hikaya, she has more energy than Ariel.



Sakura appeared in Decks-hibition 1, first seen when Kotori saw her dragging Yuma by the arm after school. When she, Cathy, Ariel, and Hikaya followed them around during the day, they saw Sakura kiss Yuma on the cheek, tipping them off that she had a crush on Yuma, which was confirmed when Cathy pull out a picture of Yuma and kiss it. The day after, Sakura tried to pull Yuma along for the day again, but Kotori refused to let her (Yuma also didn't want to). When they tried to tell her that Yuma was taken, she refused to listen even when Kotori kissed Yuma right in front of her (she even though it was an act). Sakura challenged Kotori for Yuma's heart, but in the end, she ended up losing. Losing seemed to snap her out of her obliviousness, and she apologized to Yuma and Kotori for what she did. Kotori then pointed out that one of Sakura's friends was checking her out, and after a brief wink between them, Sakura walked off to meet up with the other boy.


Opponent Story Outcome
Kotori Mizuki Decks-hibition 1 Lose

Sakura plays a Spellcaster Deck.

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