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Samantha Atlas (usually called Sam) is the daughter of Jack Atlas in both the 5D's (natural child with Carly Carmine) and ARC-V (adopted) continuities, and one of Runo Sakaki's friends in the latter.



Full-body picture of Samantha.

Samantha resembles Carly greatly. She has long black hair that is trimmed with small spikes, and purple eyes. She wears a white trench coat with cobalt blue pads on elbows and shoulders, a dull-yellow shirt, black biker shorts, and orange boots. She also carries glasses, small triangular earrings, and a tiny pink stone pendant.


Samantha is a very proud, cocky, and confident girl, believing that since her father used to be King of Games in his youth, she has to be too. Due to this, she developed a strong rivarly with the child of the current champion (Nathan Fudo in 5D's and Runo ARC-V). However, when not feuding over Dueling matters, she can be pretty nice and friendly, and sometimes even has her dorky moments. She also is very affectionate with her parents.


Samantha first officially appeared in Child of Synchro. She was trying her new Duel Runner since she has just passed the junior riding test, however she happened to meet her friends Runo and Chase on a road testing her own Runner, which she had built in the past months together with her parents. After a short argument, the two rival girls challenged each other to a Turbo Duel, with Chase reluctantly pulled along as Runo forgot about him in the heat of the moment. Throughout the Duel Sam repeatedly cornered Runo, until she finished her by revealing a Double Tuning Synchro Monster much to everyone's shock. She then received the congratulations of her father for winning and shook Runo's hand in respect, promising her to set the score in the next Friendship Cup.



Chase, Runo, and Sam.

Runo and Sam are fierce rivals. They met as little kids at a Friendship Cup where Yuya (as Yugo) and Jack were competing again for the title of the City's King, and got themselves in a argument about who would win. Ever since then, they never lose an occasion to Duel in order to establish which family's stonger. Despite this, they don't hate each other, instead gradually realizing they respect one another.


Samantha uses a "Chaos Priestess" Deck, made up of Synchro-supporting Spellcaster-Type monsters with a strong "LIGHT-DARK duality" theme. Her ace card is "Red Dragon Archfiend Lady", which she uses to symbolize (and flaunt around) her Atlas legacy.



Opponent(s) Story Outcome
Runo Sakaki Child of Synchro Win

Summon chants

"When the ruler has fallen, the daughter rises and takes up the throne! The battles with her rivals shake heaven and earth! Synchro Summon! Ambitious soul, Red Daemon's Dragon Lady!"
Red Dragon Archfiend Lady
"To claim the throne, the ruler's daughter becomes one with the wicked god! Heaven and earth cry in fear of the new queen! SYNCHRO SUMMON! Royal soul... Red Daemon's Dragon Queen!"
Red Dragon Archfiend Queen