Sayuki's artwork by Jadenkaiba

Sayuki is Yumi Fuuko's aunt who raised her. Sayuki is the youngest among the siblings (Mafuyu is the eldest while Yukiko is the second). She has a daughter named Sayuri and an unknown Boyfriend/Husband who really didn't appear in Yugioh DQ. She has an old deck in her teenage days, the "Innocence" Deck that she withdrew when she retired from Dueling.

Character Information
Name Sayuki
Kanji 真遊城
Age 27
Appears In Yugioh DQ Manga
Gender Female
  • Innocence

Character Design

Her character design is more younger looking and has the traditional yellow stripes that Yukiko, Mafuyu and Yumi has. She wears a green sweater with shoulders exposed, a neck choker, and her violet skirt. Her appearance is more similar to another character in a manga.

Character Biography

Not yet Confirmed


She acts like Mutsumi Otohime from Love Hina series. Although she thinks like a child and forgetful sometimes, but she still knows what is best for Yumi and Sayuri. During her teenage days, she always spar with Yukiko, but got lost to her every time and she wins when she duels Mafuyu but not always... When she duels, she is cheerful and witty. But when situation calls, she acts like a strategist and her appearance becomes mature-looking. She is still longing for her sister's embrace.....


Yukiko and Mafuyu

Sayuki's elder brother and sister. She is very close to Yukiko than Mafuyu.

Yumi Fuuko

Sayuki raised her like a real daughter and she is very supportive to Yumi in every way she can.


Her daughter. Her father is unknown and never appeared nor mentioned.


Sayuki used to play her Deck, the "Innocence" Deck, their abilities is yet to announced later.

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