"Wrong playground, mate."
— Schmirko to Lehel (Ronin) —

Marko (mostly called by his nickname Schmirko) is one of the characters who appear in the series Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Life Duel Links Series, the successor to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Life The Movie Series. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! R.L.D.S. Series he is the current protector and guardian of the Egyptian God Cards. In addition it is stated that ten years before the events of the movie "Linked Fates", Schmirko has ended a historical dueling career, but currently there exist no details to his past career.

Although he had created a historical dueling career, almost nothing is known about his personal life because he keeps silent concerning this topic.[1]

He is portrayed by the German YouTuber EM Schmirko. Therefore his mark is the cowboy hat which he wears almost every time.


Egyptian Gods vs Dragons

In 2016 the antagonist Alexander Attila from Yu-Gi-Oh! Real Life The Movie Series appeared in a special episode again.[2] Schmirko didn't had an own appearance in the episode, but plays indirectly an important role. Alexander has stolen the old God Card Deck from Tamas to Duel him and to get his revenge. Tamas accepts and defeats Alexander in a tough match. During the Duel, Tamas uses Schmirko's Deck to beat Alexander, because according to the video description the Duel was based on a video which was created by EM Schmirko, where the latter defeats Tamas' Deck.


Firewall Dragon attacks Schmirko

Schmirko fighting against "Firewall Dragon"

In early 2018, Schmirko has his debut in the Trailer to EM Schmirkos Link Monster-Tutorial.[3] For an unknown reason he was transported into a digital Cyberspace alone where he is suddenly confronted with "Firewall Dragon". After he dodged a direct attack from the dragon he blocked a second one by drawing and Summoning "Lockout Gardna". At last he was able to Summon "Decode Talker" and defeat "Firewall Dragon" with it. While he wonders how to get out of the Space, "Kuriboh" appears and brings him, beside his cowboy hat back, a remote control. As Schmirko presses a button on it, the Cyberspace disappears and he is back in the real world. At the end he thanks "Kuriboh".

Legends & Myths


Schmirko discovers the Loch Ness Monster.

Some months later, Schmirko is searching for the new "Danger!" cards which symbolize legends and myths of the world.[4] After discovering three of them, his travel leads him to the Loch Ness lake in Scotland. There he finds the last "Danger!" card at the shore of the lake. When Schmirko grabs the card, the Loss Ness Monster "Nessie" appears out of the lake and roars. With the appearance of the monster Schmirko realizes that he has found all the cards and leaves the place with the words "Lasst uns die Duellantenwelt aufmischen!" (in English: "Let's rough up the Dueling World!").

Duel Links Series

After the Cyberspace incident, he takes place as a participant in the Duel Links tournament, together with Tamas, Bence, etc.[5] Like the other characters, Schmirko's memory is erased, his Duel strenght is weakened, and he gets a new Deck for the tournament while he plays after the Duel Links rules. The only known card yet in his new Deck is "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior".[6]

Yu-Gi-Oh! R.L.D.S. Crossover Movie

Schmirko CrossoverMovie

Schmirko in the Crossover Movie, holding the Egyptian God Cards

After the Season 1 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! R.L.D.S. Web Series, Schmirko was announced to appear in the upcoming crossover movie.[7] He's described as a strange wanderer and the protector of the Egyptian God Cards. The new antagonist of this movie is a mysterious dark Duelist called Ronin. Ronin is only a fictional identity because his real name is Lehel. After Darkness was defeated by Tamás and Bence, the Shadow Realm where Lehel was prisoned fell apart and Lehel was finally free after many years. His goal is to kill Tamás because the latter still has Darkness inside him. Now he searches for the 3 Egyptian God Cards so that he can destroy them which would make it impossible for Darkness to return again. The 3 cards are still protected by Schmirko.

Lehel enters, masked as "Ronin", the sacred castle where Schmirko stays. As Schmirko greets Ronin with the words "Wrong playground, mate." Ronin tells him his goal. However Schmirko mentions that the power of the three cards is so big that even he himself couldn't destroy them. He suggests Ronin better to turn back, but then he takes the 3 cards out of his poncho and tells him that as the guardian of them he has to accept every challenge concerning them. Since Schmirko refuses to give the cards to Ronin just like that, the latter challenges him to a duel for them. Schmirko accepts his wish and throws his poncho away which makes Ronin able to see that Schmirko is wearing a Duel Disk the whole time. The duel starts.


The five-headed Monster army of Schmirko.

Ronin ends his first turn with a face-up Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, Anesthrokket Dragon and Supply Squad. Schmirko then starts with a few Spell Cards to prepare his turn. He summons two of his ace monsters, Guardian Angel Joan and Orgoth the Relentless and destroys Anesthrokket Dragon with the latter. However after he has ended his turn with 3 face-down cards, Ronin special summons Magnarokket Dragon in it's place. The duel goes on and after a few turns Schmirko takes the lead on the field. His Life Points have climbed to 12150 while Ronin only has 2650 Life Points left. When Schmirko attacked him with an army of 5 strong monsters, Ronin chained his face-down cards Yang Zing Unleashed and Rainbow Life: Every damage Ronin would take this turn increase his Life Points instead. Now he has over 12000 LP as well. In the next two turns Schmirko watches as Ronin uses Soul Charge to revieve 5 monsters from his Graveyard and performs an Accel Synchro Summon in Schmirkos turn by tuning Formula Synchron, T.G. Hyper Librarian and Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth into Cosmic Blazar Dragon. In his final turn Ronin was able to summon also Clear Wing Synchro Dragon (ATK: 2500), his old friends Five-Headed Dragon (ATK: 5000) and Blue-Eyes White Dragon (ATK: 3000) and lastly a strengthend Queen Dragun Djinn (ATK: 11200, because it is equipped with Red-Eyes Back Dragon Sword). Schmirko has nothing on his field and only one card left in his hand. As Ronin attacks, Schmirko banishes Electromagnetic Turtle from his Graveyard to end the Battle Phase, however Ronin Chains the effect of his Cosmic Blazar Dragon to negate the effect. Schmirko anticipated that move and chained the effect of the last card in his hand by discarding it: The card is Goddess of Sweet Revenge. With her effect, Schmirko destroys Ronins complete army of monsters and every else card on his field. After that the second effect of the Goddess allows Schmirko to special summon Chaos Hunter from his deck. Ronin ends his turn by setting 4 cards face-down and returning Cosmic Blazar Dragon back to the field. Since Schmirko controls Chaos Hunter, Ronin can't use the effect of his Dragon anymore. In his turn Schmirko draws a bunch of cards which makes him able to summon The Wicked Avatar (ATK: ?). Then with Reasoning he is also able to summon The Grand Jupiter. Due to the latters effect Schmirko discards his last 2 cards to make Jupiter able to absorb Ronins Cosmic Blazar Dragon and adds it's ATK points to Jupiter (ATK: 6500). This also increases the ATK of The Wicked Avatar to 6600. Before the end of the duel Schmirko admires that it has been some time since he has dueled an opponent like Ronin, but now he has to concentrate on protecting the God Cards again. After a very intense fight Schmirko beats Ronin by attacking him directly with The Grand Jupiter, Chaos Hunter and The Wicked Avatar. Ronin is catapulted backwards by this attack. As he rises to his feets again, Schmirko is gone.


Schmirko defeats Lehel (Ronin).

Sometime after the duel Schmirko contacts Agaton and tells him that his past is catching up with him. Schmirko appears as a hologram on Agatons old Duel Disk while they talk. He tells Agaton that he has dueled with Ronin and that the latter has used Lehels Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Schmirko tries to convince Agaton that he should help to save Tamás. As Agaton refuses because he has given up dueling long ago, Schmirkos gives him a new deck which no one has ever seen before and mentions that he should do it also for his old friend Lehel. The new is the Link deck with Decolde Talker which he has received in the Cyberspace. Then the connection is cut and the hologram of the Guardian disappears.[8]

In addition to these events it is stated in the trailer that Schmirko has helped the protagonists Lehel and Agaton in the past to get closer to the antagonist of Season 1, Nemezis.

Trivia & Facts

  • The deck which Schmirko gave to Agaton is similar or the same as the one, Schmirko has received during the Cyberspace incident.
  • During all current duels not a single attack came through to Schmirko yet.
  • His birthday is the 30.August 2018[9], although he already existed ten years before. Currently there is no statement from the Crew of Yu-Gi-Oh! R.L.D.S. or EM Schmirko to the reason for the choice of this date.
  • Lehel & Agaton already met Schmirko during the events of Season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh! RLDS. (currently off-screen)
  • Schmirko is currently the only duelist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series TMS and RLDS who doesn't rely on an Extra deck in his own deck.
  • Even though he is the Guardian of the 3 Egyptian God cards he hasn't used them in his deck during "Linked Fates".
  • His own deck got the nickname "Guardian"-deck, but it doesn't contain monsters from the Guardian archetype.


Cyberspace incident

Opponent Episode Outcome Remaining LP
Firewall Dragon Linkmonster-Tutorial Win 2500 (4000)

In the Cyberspace video, Schmirko doesn't use his own cards. He got a Deck with a lot of new cards which focus on summoning Link Monsters. He never used this Deck again since then and only a few cards from it were seen in the Duel.

Cyberspace Deck

Crossover Movie - Linked Fates

Opponent Episode Outcome Remaining LP
Ronin (Lehel) Linked Fates Win 10150 (8000)

Currently the movie "Linked Fates" is the only possibility to see Schmirkos real deck. Since he is the Protector of the 3 God Cards his deck got the nickname "Guardian"-Deck because the appearance of many of his monsters create the impression that they could be Guardians, too.

Unlike other duelists, Schmirko doesn't rely on just one or two ace monster. The movie shows that he uses a lot of different monsters which can bring him the victory. These monsters are mainly high-level monsters with high ATK and a lot of different effects. His favorite monster is Emes the Infinity.

His strategy is focused mainly on Control, but also includes Beatdown Tactics, Swarming & Mass Removal cards, for example Full Force Virus. He can support these Mass Removal strategies for example with Lair of Darkness by tributing opponents monsters instead of the own. By combining effects with Lair of Darkness, he can also create combos similar to Spell Speed 4 cards. With cards like Guardian Angel Joan and White Magician Pikeru he can increase his Life Points by very high amounts, while he damages the opponent in many different ways. Beside that he protects his monsters effectively with Trap Cards like Tyrant's Temper or Lost Wind. These strategies are all supported by many Draw Engines. [9][10]

Crossover Movie Deck

Duel Links Series

In this series Schmirko doesn't use his own Deck, but receives a new one. The only known card yet from this new Deck is "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior".

Duel Links Deck


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