Sealed Elements
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SEEL-EN001 Bujin Inari Common Normal Pendulum Monster
SEEL-EN002 Extermining the "C" Common Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN003 Greedrobber Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN004 Dinomist Amargas Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SEEL-EN005 Dinomist Parasaur Common Effect Pendulum Monster
SEEL-EN006 The Battleguard Queen Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN007 Brutal Battleguard Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN008 Barbaric Battleguard Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN009 The Mirror Force Creator Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SEEL-EN010 Fallen Servant - Hamon Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN011 Dragunity Spirit Weapon - Sarissa Common Effect Pendulum Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN012 Dragunity Spirit Weapon - Xyston Common Effect Pendulum Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN013 Sealed Fiend - The Mountain Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN014 Sealed Fiend - Archfiend of Light Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN015 D.D. Void Madness Common Normal Monster
SEEL-EN016 D.D. Void Schizo Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN017 D.D. Void Paran Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN018 D.D. Void Panic Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN019 D.D. Void Depre Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN020 D.D. Void Bipol Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN021 Gravesurrect Soldier Secret Rare Effect Monster
SEEL-EN022 Baby Earthquake Dragun Common Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN023 Powered Baby Earthquake Dragun Common Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN024 Anagram Star Dragon Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN025 Anagram Star Warrior Rare Effect Monster
SEEL-EN026 U.A. Mascot Normal Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN027 U.A. Outside Hitter Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN028 U.A. Libero Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN029 Clear Baby Dragon Normal Rare Effect Monster
SEEL-EN030 Nidoogy, the Draconic Kaiju Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN031 Pharaós, the Sarfophagus Kaiju Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN032 Kaij Tamer Common Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN033 Kaij Hunter Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN034 Fabled Gargolina Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN035 Jinzo - Trap Hater Mask Normal Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN036 Cyber Parshath Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN037 Flamvell Pyro Spirit Rare Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN038 Flamvell Tamer Common Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN039 Darklord Nurse Gabriela Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN040 Darklord Nurse Miguela Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN041 Darklord Nurse Samuela Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN042 Sandstorm Rock Spirit Common Spirit Monster
SEEL-EN043 Evolsaur Megalosaur Common Effect Monster
SEEL-EN044 Evoltile Megalanio Common Effect Tuner Monster
SEEL-EN045 D.D. Void Madness - Psycho Common Effect Ritual Monster
SEEL-EN046 D.D. Void Madness - Path Common Effect Ritual Monster
SEEL-EN047 Dual-Fiend Reflection Common Effect Fusion Monster
SEEL-EN048 Yin-Yang Elf Common Effect Fusion Monster
SEEL-EN049 Ultimate Winged Dragon Common Effect Fusion Monster
SEEL-EN050 Ultimate Fiend Sniper Normal Rare Effect Fusion Monster
SEEL-EN051 Sealed Fiend - Final Archfiend Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SEEL-EN052 Aphopys, the Divine Endless Beast Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SEEL-EN053 Thousand-Blades Warrior Common Effect Link Monster
SEEL-EN054 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Idol Common Effect Link Monster
SEEL-EN055 Earthquake Dragun Common Effect Synchro Monster
SEEL-EN056 Earthquake Megarock Dragun Common Effect Synchro Monster
SEEL-EN057 D.D. Void Dimension Common Field Spell Card
SEEL-EN058 D.D. Void Gate Rare Ritual Spell Card
SEEL-EN059 Eyes-Restrict Idol Summon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SEEL-EN060 Earthquakephosis Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SEEL-EN061 Earthquake Dragun Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
SEEL-EN062 Pot of Earthquake Dragun Normal Rare Normal Spell Card
SEEL-EN063 Sealed Fiend - Elemental Gate Common Normal Spell Card
SEEL-EN064 Jurrac Rage Common Normal Spell Card
SEEL-EN065 Dimenforming Common Normal Spell Card
SEEL-EN066 Stun Sandstorm Rare Field Spell Card
SEEL-EN067 Pot of Attributes Common Normal Spell Card
SEEL-EN068 Scrap Factory Line Common Continuous Spell Card
SEEL-EN069 Earthquake Dragun Burial Common Normal Trap Card
SEEL-EN070 Earthquakegeki Rare Normal Trap Card
SEEL-EN071 Earthquake Dragun Strike Common Counter Trap Card
SEEL-EN072 Scrap Factory Recycle Common Continuous Trap Card
SEEL-EN073 Sealed Fiend - Elemental Reborn Common Normal Trap Card
SEEL-EN074 Paleozoic Xiuqiella Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
SEEL-EN075 Token Reward! Common Normal Trap Card
SEEL-EN076 Dark World Strike Common Normal Trap Card
SEEL-EN077 Tri-Dragon Gadget Rare Continuous Trap card
SEEL-EN078 Quakeforming Common Counter Trap Card
SEEL-EN079 U.A. Contract Termination Common Continuous Trap Card
SEEL-EN080 Thunder Whip Common Normal Trap Card
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