This set is created by Bijak riyandi
The set includes support cards for the archetypes "Gladiator Beast" and "Koa'ki Meiru", the Attributes mainly FIRE, EARTH, WATER, and WIND, and anti-support cards for the Attributes LIGHT and DARK.

It contains the reprints of several "Gladiator Beast" cards, such as "Gladiator Beast Bestiari", "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus", and "Gladiator Beast War Chariot". It introduces the "Balkan" archetypes, "Cursed Wizard" series, The Elements series, and also the "Super Gladiator Beast" sub-archetype.

Each pack contains 9 cards and each box contains 24 packs. There are 85 cards in total with the number of card of each rarity are as follows:
1 Ghost/Gold Rare (GGR)
4 Ghost Rare (GR)
5 Secret Rare (ScR)
5 Ultimate Rare (UtR)
8 Ultra Rare (UR)
11 Super Rare (SR)
18 Rare (R)
39 Common (C)


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Secrets of Gladiators
(FTCG - English)
Booster Pack
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SCGL-EN000 Gladiator Beast Bestiari GGR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN001 Gladiator Beast Phoenicius C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN002 Gladiator Beast Canis UR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN003 Gladiator Beast Armadillus UR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN004 Gladiator Beast Echo R Effect Tuner
SCGL-EN005 Gladiator Beast Puffer SR Effect Tuner
SCGL-EN006 Gladiator Beast Scorpius C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN007 Gladiator Beast Adrian C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN008 Gladiator Beast Halvard C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN009 Super Gladiator Beast Hercules ScR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN010 Super Gladiator Beast Amadeus SR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN011 Super Gladiator Beast Longinus SR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN012 Super Gladiator Beast Flavius SR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN013 Balkan Warrior - Luka C Effect Tuner
SCGL-EN014 Balkan Warrior - Niko C Effect Tuner
SCGL-EN015 Balkan Warrior - Dejan SR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN016 Balkan Warrior - Dusan C Effect Tuner
SCGL-EN017 Balkan Warrior - Boris C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN018 Balkan Warrior - Jovan UR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN019 Balkan Warrior - Dmitri C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN020 Balkan Warrior - Branko C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN021 Balkan Warrior - Bogdan C Effect Tuner
SCGL-EN022 Balkan Warrior - Gavril SR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN023 Balkan Warrior - Zeljko C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN024 Balkan Warrior - Andrei ScR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN025 Balkan Warrior - Yevhen ScR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN026 Balkan Warrior - Nikita R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN027 Balkan Warrior - Alexei R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN028 Firey the Passion C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN029 Rocky the Stubborn C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN030 Hummy the Moist C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN031 Windy the Breeze C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN032 The Blaze R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN033 The Golem R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN034 The Ocean R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN035 The Storm R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN036 Cursed Wizard from the Unknown Land SR Effect Monster
SCGL-EN037 Cursed Wizard's Apprentice R Effect Monster
SCGL-EN038 Cursed Wizard's Disciple C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN039 Cursed Wizard's Chamberlain C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN040 Koa'ki Meiru Rocco C Effect Monster
SCGL-EN041 Gladiator Beast Heraklinos GR/UtR Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN042 Gladiator Beast Gyzarus GR/UtR Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN043 Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz GR/UtR Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN044 Gladiator Beast Essedarii GR/SR Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN045 Gladiator Beast Kraken R Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN046 Gladiator Beast Arcturus UR Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN047 Gladiator Beast Apollo R Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN048 Gladiator Beast Phoenicius Maxima SR Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN049 Gladiator Beast Jormungand R Effect Fusion
SCGL-EN050 The Ultimate Cursed Wizard ScR Effect Ritual
SCGL-EN051 Balkan Overlord - Grigorii ScR Effect Synchro
SCGL-EN052 Balkan General - Stanislav UR/UtR Effect Synchro
SCGL-EN053 Balkan Commander - Branislav R Effect Synchro
SCGL-EN054 Balkan Collonel - Miroslav R Effect Synchro
SCGL-EN055 Balkan Captain - Vladimir R Effect Synchro
SCGL-EN056 Balkan Lieutenant - Nikolai R Effect Synchro
SCGL-EN057 Gladiator's Greed R Normal Spell
SCGL-EN058 Gladiator's Chaotic Fury UR Normal Spell
SCGL-EN059 European Battlefield C Field Spell
SCGL-EN060 Promotion C Normal Spell
SCGL-EN061 Relegation C Normal Spell
SCGL-EN062 Balkan Anti-Bullet Vest C Equip Spell
SCGL-EN063 Balkan Assault Rifle C Equip Spell
SCGL-EN064 Greedy Warriors C Normal Spell
SCGL-EN065 Emergency Call for the Officers UR Normal Spell
SCGL-EN066 Force of Mother Nature R Field Spell
SCGL-EN067 Magic Book of the Cursed Wizard SR Normal Spell
SCGL-EN068 Jinx of the Cursed Wizard SR Normal Spell
SCGL-EN069 Cursed Wizard's Old Flying Broom C Normal Spell
SCGL-EN070 Cursed Wizard's Forbidden Book of Spells C Ritual Spell
SCGL-EN071 Black Death C Field Spell
SCGL-EN072 Iron Factory C Field Spell
SCGL-EN073 Iron Core Copy C Normal Spell
SCGL-EN074 Gladiator's Forbidden Power R Normal Trap
SCGL-EN075 Gladiator Beast War Chariot UR/UtR Counter Trap
SCGL-EN076 Balkan Spy C Normal Trap
SCGL-EN077 Balkan Petard C Counter Trap
SCGL-EN078 Balkan Bravery C Normal Trap
SCGL-EN079 Fallback! C Counter Trap
SCGL-EN080 Charge! C Counter Trap
SCGL-EN081 Vampire's Legacy C Continuous Trap
SCGL-EN082 Fake Sarcophagus C Continuous Trap
SCGL-EN083 Mother Nature's Protection C Counter Trap
SCGL-EN084 Mother Nature's Sentinel C Continuous Trap
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