The mighty Seven-Colored Puppeteer reveals her true power! Control a powerful army of puppets and conquer victory!


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Helpers: Reimu-H and AARONmeister.

Seven-Colored Strike
(FTCG - English)
  • TCG Set Prefix: SVCS
    • TCG Release Date: When Dark Armed Dragon stops being broken.
    • Cover Card: Seven-Colored Puppeteer
    • Features:
    • The introduction of the Puppeteer's Doll, Element Magician and Bot Archetypes!
    • 9 cards per pack
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SVCS-EN000 Reimu-H Secret Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN001 Seven-Colored Puppeteer Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN002 Puppeteer's Doll - Prideful Warrior Common Normal Monster
SVCS-EN003 Puppeteer's Doll - Brave Knight Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN004 Puppeteer's Doll - Gentle Healer Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN005 Puppeteer's Doll - Dignified Lancer Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN006 Puppeteer's Doll - Sure-Shot Sniper Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN007 Puppeteer's Doll - Archfiend Blaster Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN008 Puppeteer's Doll - Masterful Bomber Super Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN009 Puppeteer's Doll - Smart Tactician Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN010 Puppeteer's Doll - Berserk Axe Super Rare Synchro Monster
SVCS-EN011 Puppeteer's Doll - Master Magician Super Rare Synchro Monster
SVCS-EN012 Black-White Magician Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN013 Tsunami Orca Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN014 Military Falcon Common Gemini Monster
SVCS-EN015 Rejected Puppet Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN016 Infernity Whale Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN017 Bright Magician Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN018 Fire Magician Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN019 Water Magician Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN020 Earth Magician Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN021 Wind Magician Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN022 Angel of Legna Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN023 LegoMan Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN024 DrillBot Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN025 CannonBot Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN026 HumanoidBot Common Effect Monster
SVCS-EN027 The Shrine Maiden of Paradise Rare Synchro Monster
SVCS-EN028 Time-Stopping Maid Rare Effect Monster
SVCS-EN029 Chaos Machine Ultimatum Ultra Rare / Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
SVCS-EN030 Puppeteer's Art Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN031 Puppet Revival Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN032 Seven-Colored Strike Super Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN033 Robots Unite! Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN034 Puppet Control Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN035 Puppet Dimension Super Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN036 Malice Cannon Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN037 Elemental Search Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN038 Puppet Ritual Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN039 Seven-Colored Greed Ultra Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN040 Decomposer Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN041 Piercing Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN042 Shadow Core Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN043 Light Core Common Spell Card
SVCS-EN044 Elemental Core Super Rare Spell Card
SVCS-EN045 Seven-Colored Mirror Force Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN046 Puppeteer's Last Resort - Doll War Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN047 Lag Super Rare Trap Card
SVCS-EN048 Shield-Breaking Lightning Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN049 Cosmical Horror Ultra Rare Trap Card
SVCS-EN050 Jetlag Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN051 Raging Beam Super Rare Trap Card
SVCS-EN052 Infinity Bomb Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN053 Distributer Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN054 Bot Bringer Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN055 Elemental Charge Rare Trap Card
SVCS-EN056 Elemental Beam Rare Trap Card
SVCS-EN057 Backout Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN058 Rose Bomb Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN059 Beam Strike Common Trap Card
SVCS-EN060 Rage Ultra Rare Trap Card