The Seven Sins are the first completely Ritual-based Archetype. They focus on rapidly Summoning the higher-level monsters which then can trigger support cards to Special Summon the lower-leveled monsters. Effect-wise, the high-level Seven Sins monsters have mostly beat-down effects, while the lower-level monsters have effects more focussed on manipulating or disrupting your opponent's actions. Although small in number, they have a large selection of Spell and Trap support that can quickly multiply their numbers and crush your opponent. A lot of the monster effects also rely on 'Sins Counters' to activate.


The Seven Sins archetype is used exclusively by Hiro, the leader of the Dark Signers in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Five Dragons", although he does not use all of them. He has used them in all but one of his duels with Aki and all his duels with Yusei.

Playing Style

As stated, the Seven Sins monsters are based around very rapid Ritual Summoning of their members, who then can Special Summon the lower-level members, who in turn can then be Tributed to summon either monsters like "Seven Sins Wrath", "Seven Sins Pride" or other Ritual monsters. A Deck based around them will likely be highly aggressive and require powerful draw engines. In addition, all of the Seven Sins monsters have very high ATK for their Levels, and "Seven Sins Pride" breaks the 3000 mark, with 3200 ATK.


Like all Ritual monsters, they require their Ritual Spell Cards "Dark Malevolence" and "Dark Ruler's Amusement" and a large number of monsters for Tribute fodder. A few dead draws can leave your field with only weak monsters or even completely empty. Also, while the Seven Sins will mostly be on the attack, they have no self-preservation effects to defend themselves.

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