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Sha Wujing, the Sand Archfiend
Attribute Earth Earth.png
Type(s) [ Fiend/Effect ]
Level 4 Level2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.png
ATK / DEF 1700 / 1300
When this face-up monster is destroyed as a result of battle and sent to the Graveyard, you may return 1 card on the field to the top of its owner's Deck. If this card is in your Graveyard, and you draw a card(s) from your Deck outside of your Draw Phase, you may Special Summon this monster from your Graveyard.
Sets Duelist Pack: Shi Hou Jin
Rarity Rare


Normal Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Villager

Effect Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Dante - Archfiend Guardian: Jigoku - Archfiend: Kamikaze - Revenge Archfiend
Archfiend Mechanic - Archfiend Skull Mirror - Archfiend Spear Soldier - Archfiend of Speed
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Archfiend Supporter - Heavy Metal Archfiend - Archfiend Puppeteer - Sinister Archfiend
Archfiend Servant - Sha Wujing, the Sand Archfiend

Fusion Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Kuriboh - Archfiend Lord Dante - Darkness Skull Archfiend

Hybrid Monsters

Blader of Light

Ritual Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Luna - Armed Archfiend

Synchro Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend King Terror - Ruler of All Fear - Full Metal Archfiend

Non-Fiend-Type Archfiends

Archfiend Lord Apocrolipha - Archfiend Lord Ba‘al Zebûb - Archfiend Lord Forneus
Archfiend Lord Glutnger - Archfiend Lord Krateius - Archfiend Lord Luferious
Archfiend Lord Ozarus - Archfiend Lord Zyklon - Archfiend Shadow Dragon
Crimson Dragon Archfiend (Ritual Monster) - Gilfer Legend (Synchro) - Nature Root-Insect Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend / Chaos - Spawn Dragon Archfiend (Dark Synchro)
Star Dragon Archfiend
Majestic Archfiend Super-Nimble Mega Hamster/Assault Mode(Synchro)

Spell Cards

Archfiend Chessboard - Archfiend's Final Fusion - Archfiend Group Blast
Archfiend's Rain - Archfiend's Servant - Archfiend Sacrifice
Crimson Inferno Ritual - Offering of the Dark Commander
Underworld Capital Pandæmonium

Trap Cards

Archfear - Archfiend Possession Virus - Archfiend Tamer - Archfiend's Wrath