Its Laserwolf12 again. I know I didn't finish my first pack yet, but I wanted to do something on dragons this time around. Anyone can help as long as the cards involve dragons. This set features:

  • Sacred Dragons which have a second attribute
  • Shadow Dragons which have multiple types
  • Slayers which have their ATK and/or DEF increased depending on the number of monsters that share a certain type or attribute.

The cover card is Ultimate Sacred Dragon. So yeah thats it.

Shadow Dragons
(TCG English)

SHD-EN000 Ultimate Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN001 Ruby Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN002 Sapphire Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN003 Emerald Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN004 Topaz Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN005 Amethyst Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN006 Onyx Sacred Dragon

SHD-EN007 Sacred Dragon Grounds

SHD-EN008 Dragon Egg

SHD-EN009 Drakel Explosion

SHD-EN010 Dark Rising Dragon

SHD-EN011 Moon of Dragons

SHD-EN012 Platinum Dragon Bahamut

SHD-EN013 Ruby Wyvern

SHD-EN014 Regenerative Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN015 Crystal Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN016 Dragon Master

SHD-EN017 Dragon Burst

SHD-EN018 Dark Explosion

SHD-EN019 Burning Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN020 Thunder Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN021 Dragon Mask

SHD-EN022 Updraft Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN023 Dragon Mirage

SHD-EN024 Archfiend Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN025 Continent Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN026 Hydro Dragon

SHD-EN027 Dragon of Good Fortune

SHD-EN028 Nightmare Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN029 Berserk Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN030 Cyberdark Shadow Dragon

SHD-EN031 Dragon of Misfortune

SHD-EN032 Blast Flare Slayer - Boom

SHD-EN033 Synchron Paladin

SHD-EN034 Synchron Dragon

SHD-EN035 Synchron Dragon Rider

SHD-EN036 Thunder Slayer - Vortex

SHD-EN037 Holon - Scorcher the Dragon

SHD-EN038 King Holon - Zwak Dragon Forme

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