The Shining Comet (シャイニング・コメット, Shainingu Kometto in Japanese) is an archetype of LIGHT Machine-Type monsters. It is the LIGHT Attribute Archetype from LionHeartKIng's Duel Terminal Variation. They aim at different kinds of Summons, expanding from Normal and Special Summons to Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, Composition, Hybrid, Spectrum and Timewarp Summons, by using members of this archetype. They are all Level/Rank/Quality/Wavelength 4/8.


The deck relies on the monsters you draw. The Main Deck Monsters are all Level 4, with swarming abilities, as well as having tactics to quickly Summon any Shining Comet you can have, resulting to multiple Summons per turn. The deck also allows you, with some specific cards, to quickly get Spectrum Pieces and Eon Counters in each monster in the Event Horizon to quickly Spectrum and Timewarp summons. Also, with the help of other members, they can get Splice Cards which are the key to provide Hybrid Summons. Also, the Pendulum Monsters help you get quick Summons in a blink of an eye and effortlessly.


Because the deck is fast (you can have a minimum of 7-10 Special Summons) they can be disrupted with cards like "El Shaddoll Winda", "Summon Limit", "Vanity's Emptiness" and "Jowgen the Spiritualist". The deck also lacks of defensive plans, since their effects revolve on spamming the field and swarming with them.

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