Shooting Star Dragon/Assault Mode
Shooting star dragon assault mode
Japan-flag Romaji Shūtingu Sutā Doragon Surasshu Basutā
Japan-flag Translated Shooting Star Dragon/Buster
Creator SirJorb
Attribute WIND WIND
Type(s) [ Dragon/Effect ]
Level 12 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 3800 / 3000
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except with its own effect or with "Assault Mode Activate". When this card is Special Summoned through the effect of "Assault Mode Activate", banish 1 "Shooting Star Dragon" in your GY. Once per turn: You can excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck, shuffle them back in, also this card's maximum number of attacks per Battle Phase this turn equals the number of monsters excavated. Once per turn, during either player's turn, when a card or effect is activated that would destroy a card(s) on the field: You can negate the effect, and if you do, destroy it. Once per turn, when an opponent's monster declares an attack: You can target the attacking monster; banish this card, and if you do, negate that attack and destroy the attacking monster. During the next End Phase: Special Summon this card banished by this effect.

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