Spoiler Card List

Shroud of Darkness (TCG - English) Set Number Card Name Quantity Rarity Category

Spoiler Card List

SDSD-EN001 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dark Dragon (Secret Rare)

SDSD-EN002 Dark Honest (Ultra Rare)

SDSD-EN003 Ancient Gear Dark Gadjiltron Dragon (Ultra Rare)

SDSD-EN004 Darkdust Dragon (Ultra Rare)

SDSD-EN005 Shinato, King of a Dark Plane (Ultra Rare)

SDSD-EN006 Dark Gilford the Lightning (Ultra Rare)

SDSD-EN007 Dark Ryu Senshi (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN008 Gearfried the Dark Iron Knight (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN009 Gearfried the Dark Swordmaster (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN010 Dark Planet (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN011 Dark Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN012 Magician's Dark Valkyria (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN013 XYZ - Dark Dragon Cannon (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN014 Darkmaster of the Six Samurai (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN015 Barrier Statue of the Abyss

SDSD-EN016 Double Coston

SDSD-EN017 The Sanctuary in the Shadows (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN018 Sinister Charity (Super Rare)

SDSD-EN019 The Beginning of the End

SDSD-EN020 Dark Eruption

SDSD-EN021 Shinato's Dark Ark

SDSD-EN022 Pot of Greed

SDSD-EN023 Mystical Space Typhoon

SDSD-EN024 Allure of Darkness

SDSD-EN025 Mind Control

SDSD-EN026 Dark Illusion

SDSD-EN027 Crush Card Virus

SDSD-ENO28 Deck Devestation Virus

SDSD-EN028 Deck Destruction Virus

SDSD-EN029 Eradicator Epidemic Virus

SDSD-EN030 Chaos Burst

SDSD-EN031 Widespread Ruin

SDSD-EN032 Malevolant Catastrophe

SDSD-EN033 Unleash of the Knight

SDSD-EN034 Rose, Dark Warrior of Revenge

SDSD-EN035 Dark Winged Kuriboh

Dark Counterpart Cards
Effect Monsters
Ancient Dark Gear Golem - Ancient Gear Dark Gadjiltron Dragon - Banisher of the Dark
Blackwing Armor Dark Master - Blue-Eyes Dark Dragon - Celtic Dark Guard
Cyber Dragon of Darkness - Darkbeast Wulf - Dark Conductor Tyranno
Dark Cyber Dragon - Dark Diamond Head Dragon - Dark-Possessed Eria
Dark Endymion, The Dark Master Magician - Dark Exxod - Dark Fire Princess
Dark Fire Queen - Dark Gilford the Lightning - Dark Goblin Attack Force
Dark Guardian Elma - Guardian of Dark Order - Dark Guardian Sphinx
Dark Guardian Angel Joan - Dark Guardian of Order - Dark Harpie Girl
Dark Harpie Lady (R. New) - Dark Harpie Lady Sisters - Dark Honest
Dark-Horned Dragon - Dark Hysteric Fairy - Dark Injection Fairy Lily
Dark Knight Queen - Dark Knight Lord - Dark Magician of Faith
Dark Needle Worm - Dark Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus - Dark Spell Canceller
Sorcerer of Wicked Dark Magic - Dark Wingweaver - Dark Wombat
Dark Valkyrion the Magna Warrior - Dark-Winged Kuriboh - Elemental Hero Dark Neos
Gearfried the Dark Iron Knight - Gemini Dark Elf - Gilford the Dark Legend
Nightblaze Dragon - Raging Dark Flame Sprite - Shadowshield Gardna
The Dark Calculator - Theinen the Dark Sphinx - The Dark Samurai - Yaichi
The Dark Samurai - Kamon - The Dark Samurai - Yariza - The Dark Samurai - Nisashi
The Dark Samurai - Irou - The Dark Samurai - Zanji - Darkstorm Princess

Fusion Monsters

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dark Dragon - Dark Armed Dragon LV10 - Dark Ryu Senshi

Ritual Monsters

Dark Lycanthrope - Shinato, King of a Dark Plane

Synchro Monsters

Dark Ancient Fairy Dragon - Darkdust Dragon - Dark Junk Warrior
Darkness Road Warrior - Dark Power Tool Dragon - Shaolin Dark Dragon

Weakness Cards

Invention of Light - Flash Light

Related Cards

Dark Tool C&D - Darkness Kingdom
From The Light Comes The Dark! - Shadow Synthesis - Shinato's Dark Ark

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