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Hidden away for a millenium, the mastermind of a force so powerful that it can strike down your opponent's monsters without out lifting a claw, has been released, awakening a new age: The Siege of Chaos!


This deck was completed on Thursday, July 30th 2009.
Helpers: Ultimate Dragon Knight(creator), Special Thanks to Trivwho helped me out greatly by supplying advice, and helping me "build" this deck. Thanks Triv.

Siege of Chaos
(FTCG - English)
Structure Deck
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SOC-000 Chaos Emperor - Legendary Flame Lord Secret Rare Ritual
SOC-??? Chaos Pawn x3 Common Normal
SOC-??? Chaos Horse Common Normal
SOC-??? Chaos Peasant x3 Common Normal
SOC-??? Chaos Blockade x2 Common Normal
SOC-??? Chaos Servant x3 Common Effect
SOC-??? Chaos Guard Dragon x3 Common Effect
SOC-??? Chaos Knight x2 Effect
SOC-??? Chaos Field Marshal Rare Effect
SOC-??? Chaos Constable Super Rare Effect
SOC-??? Chaos High Constable Ultra Rare Effect
SOC-??? Manju of the Chaos Hands x2 Effect
SOC-??? Chaos Werewolf x2 Effect
SOC-??? Chaos Rider Effect
SOC-??? Legendary Flame Lord Ultra Rare Ritual
SOC-??? Fiendish Hand Spell
SOC-??? Rising Warrior Spell
SOC-??? Incandescent Ordeal Spell
SOC-??? Portal of Chaos Spell
SOC-??? Battlegrounds of Chaos x2 Spell
SOC-??? The Curse of Chaos Super Rare Spell
SOC-??? Counting Tributes Common Spell
SOC-??? Exploding Chaos x2 Rare Trap
SOC-??? Chaos Renegade Common Trap
SOC-??? Tribute for Chaos x2 Ultra Rare Trap