The Signer Dragon Descendants are a group of seven Synchro Monsters that are, as the name implies, monsters that descended from the seven Signer Dragons. All seven of them are identical to their dragon counterparts in Level, Attribute, ATK, and DEF, but have a different type instead of Dragon. Their effects are also similar to the originals, but with a certain twist to them. These monsters are owned by the children of the Signers who own the respective Signer Dragon. All of them also have a Continuous Spell Card that treats them as their Dragon counterpart, allowing them to use their Support Cards.

Descendant Level Attribute Type ATK DEF Owner Dragon Treatment Spell
Stardust Paladin 8 WIND Warrior 2500 2000

Nathan "Senshi" Fudo

Stardust Dragon Star Dragon's Soul
Black Rose Sorceress 7 FIRE Spellcaster 2400 1800 Black Rose Dragon Rose Dragon's Heart
Scarlet Queen Archfiend 8 DARK Fiend 3000 2000 Jill Atlas Red Dragon Archfiend Red Dragon's Legacy
Ancient Fairy Lord 7 LIGHT Fairy 2100 3000 Sonia Ancient Fairy Dragon Fairy Dragon's Spirit
Black-Winged Phoenix 8 DARK Winged Beast 2800 1600 Lark Hogan

Black-Winged Dragon

Black Dragon's Will
Life Stream Guardian 8 EARTH Rock/Tuner 2900 2400 Jason Life Stream Dragon Life Dragon's Duty
T.G. Hyper Glider 10 EARTH Machine 3200 2400 Leslie LeBlanc T.G. Hyper Dragon Tech Dragon's Energy

Signer Dragon Descendants

Monster Cards

Stardust Paladin - Black Rose Sorceress - Scarlet Queen Archfiend - Ancient Fairy Lord - Black-Winged Phoenix - Life Stream Guardian - T.G. Hyper Glider

Treatment Spells

Star Dragon's Soul - Rose Dragon's Heart - Red Dragon's Legacy - Fairy Dragon's Spirit - Black Dragon's Will - Life Dragon's Duty - Tech Dragon's Energy


Protective Starlight - Black Rose Banishment - Scarlet Decree - Black Feather Sniper - Ebony Firestorm


Stardust Dragon - Black Rose Dragon - Red Dragon Archfiend - Ancient Fairy Dragon - Black-Winged Dragon - Life Stream Dragon - T.G. Hyper Dragon

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