Simon Notroson
Appear in
Fanfic Unknown
Age 16
Species Human
Occupation Number Hunter
Dueling Details
Deck Skill Drain
Primary Number Card Number 51.5: Lifeforce Medic Rampart

Simon Notroson is the main OC protagonist in RocketKnight777's ZeXal universe. He is a Number Hunter with a mysterious past who has a spiritual connection with his Number Card Number 51.5: Lifeforce Medic Rampart.


Simon looks like you average teen with an average build, but something about him often makes girls take a second look. His hazel eyes practically sparkle when they hit the sun. He keeps light golden brown hair long, about midway between his chin and shoulders, with his red-orange bangs sweeping just above his left eye. He wears khaki shorts, velcro sandals, and white t-shirt under a yellow with blue floral print Hawaiian shirt, which is always open.


Simon plays a Skill Drain Deck to easily take out Number Cards if he cannot summon the ones he gathered on his own. He tends to use a lot of older cards in his Deck, but often utilizes them in new ways.

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