"Sky Scout", named "Birdman" (バードマン "Bādoman") in Japanese, is an archetype created by Taylor Gorrell and is a counterpart to the Harpie archetype.

"Sky Scout" supports the "Lone Harpie" monster, "Sky Scout" (originally localized in the TCG as "Harpie's Brother")," by giving it the same capabilities as his female counterpart, "Harpie Lady." However, as does Harpie Lady, the support cards for Sky Scout suffer the same shortcomings, such as the 3 card limit of Sky Scout, as most of the support monsters are always treated as Scout. Despite this, due to their naturally higher 1800 ATK stat, they are much more playable in Beatdown strategies, as well as being able to bulk themselves up with Spells and Traps. Other new cards involve having both Harpie Lady and Sky Scout on the field to use their effects. As they are not siblings (despite Sky Scout's original English name, as its Japanese name is "Birdman"), these cards depict a confusing relationship between the two genders of birds: some show them as being bitter rivals/enemies ("Rivalry in the Sky") while others show them as allies ("Airborne Back-to-Back"). The two younger birds and the two lead birds are always shown as allies, based on their support cards.

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