The Skymatans are one of Taylor Gorrell and YRPOtaku169's six collaboration Duel Terminal Archetypes. It is a series of WIND monsters made up of Winged Beast and Machine-Types. They hail from a flying city, and as such, they are depicted as flying through the air alongside the buildings. The normal monsters all have riders/pilots, while the Compositions are on their own. They battle against the Preciplo tribe for control of the weather, wanting clear skies. The symbol of the Skymatans is a golden triangle framed by two gold wings.


Near the threshold of the clouds above, a grand city known as Skymata flies. A trade hub of all tribes with air travel, Skymata sends and receives troops and parcels from all over, becoming a master of the air drop. However, one thing has been a thorn in their side since the formation of their citadel: The weather. Fed up with the power of the storms disrupting their aerial power, the Skymatans band together to become an aerial armada in order to quell the rage of the sky, letting nothing impede their progress ever again. Their practical yet rather selfish ideal, though, has provoked the ire of the Preciplos below, who strike back with the fury of the storm. The once-friendly tribes now find themselves locked in battle for control of the clouds.

Play Style

Skymatan Decks run a combination of a Macro style of play and manipulation of Monster Card Zones. Most Skymatan monsters banish themselves upon being destroyed, as getting shot out of that sky means a LONG way down. However, many support cards involve banishing them or those that are already banished. Skymatans tend to move themselves to other Monster Zones for effects or gain effects when placed in certain Monster Zones. Their Base Monsters enable banished Skymatans to be used for Composition Summons.


Like many Macro Decks, returning cards to the Graveyard can weaken them. However, the weakness is not as prominent then most, since Composition Monsters utilize monsters in the Graveyard. One card to beware of is "Poisonous Winds", as these cards are all WIND.


"Skymata" is a portmanteau of "sky" (referencing the Winged Beasts) and "automata" (referencing the Machines).

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