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Soul monsters are an opposite Subtype of Spirit Monsters. While Spirit Monsters have the usual drawback of returning to the hand at the end of the turn they're summoned, Soul monsters instead come with the maintenance cost of paying Life Points in order to remain on the field.

Soul Monsters are further subdivided into 2 other types: Shining Souls and Forgotten Souls. Both have their own respective support cards: "City of Shining Souls" and "City of Forgotten Souls". All Soul monsters depend on either Field Spell to make the most of their respective effects.

Forgotten Soul

  • Lower attack
  • Higher Defense
  • Destruction Effects
  • Requires "City of Forgotten Souls" to be in play

Shining Soul

  • Higher Attack
  • Lower Defense
  • Power Increase Effects
  • Discard Effects
  • Requires "City of Shining Souls" to be in play