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Space Invasion Fleet Structure Deck is the first of XBrain130's sets, followed by Duelist Pack: Shiyuki Tahita, and his only Structure Deck until the Antimatter Knights Structure Deck three and half years later.


  • It introduces the "Space" archetype and its first support, and contains cards used by Shiyuki Tahita in The Different Dimension Hunter.
  • Unlike the other Structure Decks, these cards are mostly never seen before. An excellent opportunity then to be able to add new possibilities to your Deck!
  • The cards of this set allows many strategies: swarm, create card advantage, inflict massive damages, etc. It also contains support for Xyz Monsters.


Each Space Invasion Fleet Structure Deck contains 43 cards in total. The number of cards of each rarity are as follows:

In addition, it also contains:


Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity Category
SDSF-EN001 Elliptical Space Galaxy 楕円宇宙銀河 Common Normal Monster
SDSF-EN002 Spiral Space Galaxy 渦巻宇宙銀河 Common Normal Monster
SDSF-EN003 Irregular Space Galaxy 不規則宇宙銀河 Common Normal Monster
SDSF-EN004 Space Starship M0 - Kha'ak Destroyer 宇宙船M0-KHA'AK DESTROYER Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN005 Space Starship M2 - Xenon Cruiser K 宇宙船M2-XENON CRUISER K Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN006 Space Starship M3 - Kha'ak Fighter 宇宙船M3-KHA'AK FIGHTER Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN007 Space Star - Blue Giant 宇宙星-青色巨星 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN008 Space Star - Red Giant 宇宙星-赤色巨星 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN009 Space Star - Red Dwarf 宇宙星-赤色矮星 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN010 Space Star - Brown Dwarf ×2 宇宙星-褐色矮星 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN011 Space Star - Pulsar 宇宙星-脈動星 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN012 Space Planet - Fire 宇宙惑星-火 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN013 Space Planet - Earth 宇宙惑星-地 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN014 Space Planet - Water 宇宙惑星-水 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN015 Giant Space Planet - Air 巨大宇宙惑星-空気 Common Effect Monster
SDSF-EN016 Asteroid Family Formation 小惑星族布陣の生成 Common Continuous Spell
SDSF-EN017 Binary System 二重星 Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN018 Cosmic Trio コズミック・トリオ Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN019 Dark Hole ブラック・ホール Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN020 Gamma-Ray Burst γ線バースト Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN021 Heliosphere Barrier 太陽圏障壁 Common Quick-Play Spell
SDSF-EN022 Monolith of Evolution 進化のモノリス Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN023 Monstellar Reborn 死星蘇生 Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN024 Spatial Storm 宇宙嵐 Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN025 Overlay Return from the Dark Hole 黒穴から重なる復帰 Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN026 Plasma Burst 電離気体爆 Common Equip Spell
SDSF-EN027 Protoplanetary Nebula 原始惑星状星雲 Common Field Spell
SDSF-EN028 Rank-Up-Magic - Space Barian's Force RUM-別の宇宙からの力 Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN029 Cards in the Star Wind 星風の宝札 Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN030 Terraforming テラ・フォーミング Common Normal Spell
SDSF-EN031 Anti-Evolution Supernova 進化共栓の超新星 Common Normal Trap
SDSF-EN032 Gravitational Pull 重力井戸 Common Normal Trap
SDSF-EN033 Interstellar Gate 星間門 Common Normal Trap
SDSF-EN034 Jumpdrive Breakdown 転移装置の決裂 Common Continuous Trap
SDSF-EN035 Space Force 宇宙のバリア -スペースフォース- Common Normal Trap
SDSF-EN036 Space Collision 宇宙衝突 Common Continuous Trap
SDSF-EN037 Space Torpedoing 宇宙魚雷撃 Common Continuous Trap
SDSF-EN038 Xyz Betrayal エクシーズ裏切り Common Normal Trap
SDSF-EN039 Xyz Reborn エクシーズ・リボーン Common Normal Trap
SDSF-EN040 Number 130: Galaxy-Eyes Great Space Dragon No.130 銀河眼の宇宙竜 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SDSF-EN041 Space Asteroid of Destruction 破滅の宇宙小惑星 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SDSF-EN042 Space Gigastar 宇宙超星 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SDSF-ENSP1 Number C130: Quasar-Eyes Titanic Cosmic Dragoon CNo.130 準星眼の天地龍 Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SDSF-ENSP2 CXyz Cosmic Asteroid of Devastation CX 壊滅の天地小惑星 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SDSF-ENSP3 CXyz Cosmic Hyperstar CX 天地超高星 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SDSF-ENTK1 Asteroid Space Token ×4 アステロイド・スペース・トークン Common Token Monster

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