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! to Acient Novice - Etouo Rksoi
Acient Novice - Humi'iin Oco to Albion Beasts
Alchemic Clock Tower to Alternative Supreme King Z-ARC
Altitude Knight's Back to Ancient Mechanical Predator
Ancient Mechanical Predator's Defense System to Antiphilic Seal
Antiquity Magician to Arcanite Magician Master
Arcanite Nova Magician to Armatos Legio Falx
Armatos Legio Ferro Imperator to Ascension Force
Ascension To Godhood to Avatar of Will
Avatar of Woe to Barbary Slaver Chainer
Barbary Slaver Hunter to Battlevessel Admiral
Battlevessel Chief to Bionic Hero Neuclear Blaster
Bionic Hero Neutron Man to Black Rose Witch
Black Rose Wolf to Blazewing - Burst Strix
Blazewing - Corona Falcon to Blue Poppy Dragon
Blue Potan to Brave HERO Blaze Gunner
Brave HERO Buzzshock to Burning Bombardment Barrier
Burning Bombardment Calamity to CXyz Cursed Art - Hyperrealistic Quillaja Quetzalcoatl
CXyz Cursed Art - Hyperrealistic Xeroxed Xenolith to Carnage Dragon Wormhole
Carnage Magician to Chain Material - Exec
Chain Material - Falchion to Chapter Twelve
Chapter Two to Chuck Yushiro
Chuckling Dragon to Collapse of the Empire
Collapsing Water Pathway to Consuming Ether
Contact Exchange to Costugon Spectraldragon
Costugon Surviamat to Cryo Magician
Cryo Mist to Cursed Serpent
Cursed Slaughtering Zombie to Cyber Terror ZueS Roc
Cyber Token to D/D/D Heroic King Gilgamesh
D/D/D Horrid General Attila to Dark Czar Venomi
Dark Daedalus to Dark Mind Rewriting
Dark Mirror Golem to Dark Tyrant Crow's Castle
Dark Ultimate Magician to Darkwave Lord Lancer
Darkwave Mage to Defense Robot Spirit
Defense Trench Tactics to Destiny Law
Destiny Mask to Dimensional Help!
Dimensional Invasion to Don Thousand's Dark Golem
Don Thousand's Gift to Dragiel Carrier 3
Dragiel Carrier 5 to Dragoon Red
Dragoon Shield to Duelist Pack Dimensions - Pendulum Dimension
Duelist Pack Dimensions - Ritual Dimension to Edge Landing
Edith, Keeper of the Invoked to Elemental HERO Dryad
Elemental HERO Dual Swordsman to Eluri, Dragon Empress
Elven Sharpshooter to Equine Chill
Equine Magna to Evil HERO Infernal Wind
Evil HERO Inferno Heatwave to Exitium-Fortes Melting Act
Exitium-Fortes Prison Cell to Fallen Divinity
Fallen Divinity Aneta to Ferrum Societas - Aminta of Arthrona
Ferrum Societas - Chancellor Fu to First Mate Davroger
First Pendulum of Zodiac - Rat to Flower Cardian Clover with Red Ribbon
Flower Cardian Iris to Fossil Ancient Skull Mage
Fossil Aquatic Skull Anomalo to Full Armored - Abyss Dweller
Full Armored - Bahamut Shark to Gaia Crystal
Gaia Crystal Archfiend to Gargoyle - Nergal
Gargoyle Archfiend to Gholeria, Spider of Darkhaos
Ghost to Gishki Protection Mirror
Gishki Rain Bird to Golden Relic of the Illuminated
Golden Relic of the Martyr to Graviton Succubus
Graviton Synchron to Guardian Ikkoku
Guardian Kain to Hacker
Hacker's Computor Screen to Hazmat Neptue
Hazmat Protact to Helena Sunvale
Heli-Attacker to High Wizard Enrius
Higher Dancer of Ballets - Olga to Humanity's Lust
HumanoidBot to Ignition Explosion
Ignition Monster Effects to Infernalhound Draw
Infernalhound Tamer to Intimidating Wraith
Intimidation Dueling to Jikan Thero
Jikan Triceray to Justice HERO Jutte Changer
Justice HERO Master Chief to Killing Spree
Kimetar, the Satellite Dragon to Kuraz the Mega Monarch
Kurei Sozotai to Laval Tribe
Laval Volcano Prince to Lich Summoning
Lich of Chaos to Lightspace Droid
Lightspace Fury Chimaera to Love At First Sight (Card)
Love At First Sight (Deck) to MGX - Njörd Sphere
MGX - Queen Freyja to Magician Synchron
Magician Twins to Malefic Tome
Malefic Topologic Bomber Dragon to Massive Ambush
Massive Explosion to Mega Mech - Dragon Mastermind
Mega Mech - Mastermind to Metal Beast Cougar
Metal Beast Coyote to Mini Planet
Mini Rose Angel to MonCounter Coffers
MonCounter Conqueror to Multi-Mech Lightning Gear Engine
Multi-Mech Skypalace to Nani?! The Weird Knight
Nankai Kyubu to Neo-Battlesaur Velocira
Neo-Cipher Dragon to Night Sister Asterope
Night Sister Atropos to Noble Arms of the Goblin Labyrinth - Soulcaliburn
Noble Army to Number 21: Steel Shell Dragon
Number 21: Whirlwing Eagle to Number B56: Stretching Rat
Number B66: Gymnastic HERO - Master Key Split to Number S17: Shining Leviathan
Number S38: Shining Knight Galahad to Odd-Eyes Rose Dragon
Odd-Eyes Sacred Dragon to Orichalcos Tyranno
Oridrigal Dragon to Paladian Necros
Paladian Queen to Pendulum Reactor・NOUGHT
Pendulum Reincarnation to Phantom Beast Roaring-Behemoth
Phantom Beast Shadow Panther to Piercing Puncher
Piercing Scorpion to Poisonous Tuberbulb
Poker to Power Stack
Power Star to Prism Beast - Orange Gator
Prism Beast - Rainbow Phoenix to Puppet Royalty - Seven-Colored Puppeteer
Puppet Witch of Despair to Quiz Mascot
Quiz Show to Rainbow Toon Dragon
Rainbow Traveler - Arcoris to Ray Stone
Ray the Golden Star to Red Eyes Metal Darkness Dragoness
Red Eyes Necros Dragon to Resurrection of the Kaos
Resurrection of the Werewolf to Rising Sun
Rising Sun (Trap Card) to Rose Puppy
Rose Riser Dragon to SD Studio - Crunch Time
SD Studio - Production Document to Santa's Letter
Santa Angel to Sea World
Sea of Chaos to Serpent Linker
Serpent Night Fiend to Shaolin Swordsman
Shaolin Temple to Shrine Royalty - Heavenly Shrine Maiden
Shrine of Amaterasu to Skull Turtle
Skull Warrior to Snowcloud Overcast
Snowfall Eagle Master to Soultech Cyberseraph
Soultech Cyberserub to Speed Chain
Speed Combustion to Spike Cannons
Spike Fortress to Star Tuner
Star Veil to Steamtech Clank Tyranno Walker
Steamtech Crustacean Tank of Mad Science to Strength of the Avenger
Strength of the Shadows to Summoning the Earthbound
Sun's Radiance to Supreme King Dragon Archfiend Dusk
Supreme King Dragon Blood Protector (XB130) to Synchro Revival
Synchro Ritualist to Tempest Dark Dragon
Tempest Dark Hole to The Dark Creature
The Dark Illusion to The Light Cross
The Light Hallway to The Wicked King Byleth
The Wicked Miasmass to Time Tool - Water Clock
Time Traveler to Torment Heavy Stone
Torment Juggler to Treebound Scout Spruce
Treebound Sorcerer Beech to Tuner Defender
Tuner Detector to Ultimate Crystal Fusion
Ultimate Crystal Lindwurm to Underworld Track
Underworld Wizard to Valkyrie Kriegskönig
Valkyrie Melissa to Viral Chronicler
Viral Drifter to Vortex Mer Warrior
Vortex Sea Snake to Warrion Rookie
Warrion Valkyria to White Columba of Secureness, Sokratis
White Columba of Steadfastness, Efstathios to Windwitch - Antarctic Bell
Windwitch - Antarctic Bell (Branch) to Wynmore
Wynn's Windblow to Yu-Gi-Oh! : D-D
Yu-Gi-Oh! Accel to ZW - Leviathan Cannon
ZW - Lock's Caliber to 【遊戯王ADS】夢の対戦実現シリーズ
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