Spell Wings

This booster pack is my own creation Ive been working on this pack for a while a I finally finish it. This booster pack is focus on mainly Spellcasters because I like Spellcasters and mostly for Dark Magician Girl. This pack mostly have new forms of Dark Magician Girl and support and I added some new Dark Counterparts of cards and those new type Psychic.


8 Secret Rares

5 Ultimate Rares

12 Ultra Rares

10 Super Rares

13 Rares

25 Common

Spell Wings
(TCG - English)

Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SPW-000 Elegant Magician Girl Secret Rare Effect Monster
SPW-001 Winged Dark Magician Girl Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-002 Winged Dark Magician Girl LV12 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-003 Ultimate Dark Magician Girl Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
SPW-004 Dark Magician of Faith Common Effect Monster
SPW-005 Cyber Angel Aireto Rare Ritual Monster
SPW-006 Phoenix Knight Common Normal Monster
SPW-007 Princess Swordsman Common Normal Monster
SPW-008 Yue, the Magician Mage Ultra Rare FEffect Monster
SPW-009 Elemental HERO Wildheat Common Fusion Monster
SPW-010 Horus Synchron Rare Tuner Monster
SPW-011 Different Dimension Girl Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
SPW-012 The Ultimate Magician Secret Rare Effect Monster
SPW-013 Maiden Princess In Love Super Rare Effect Monster
SPW-014 Angel Synchron Rare Tuner Monster
SPW-015 Small Knight Fairy Common Normal Monster
SPW-016 White Knight Priestess Rare Effect Monster
SPW-017 Old Blue Eyes Common Normal Monster
SPW-018 Grandma Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-019 Zombie Fairy Common Effect Monster
SPW-020 Leech Dino Common Effect Monster
SPW-021 Dino V Super Rare Effect Monster
SPW-022 Morphtronic USB Portron Common Effect Monster
SPW-023 Dark Diamond Head Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
SPW-024 Light Magician Girl Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-025 Dark Knight Queen Super Rare Effect Monster
SPW-026 Dark Knight Lord Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-027 Dark Endymion, The Dark Master Magician Secret Rare Effect Monster
SPW-028 Arcanite Knight Common Tuner Monster
SPW-029 Psychic Wave Commander Common Effect Monster
SPW-030 Psi Telekinetic Brain Rare Tuner Monster
SPW-031 Telekinetic Guard Common Effect Monster
SPW-032 Herald of Blue Light Rare Normal Monster
SPW-033 Crawling Fish Common Effect Monster
SPW-034 The Big Brain Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
SPW-035 Vampire Emperor Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-036 Vampire Consort Super Rare Effect Monster
SPW-037 Caster of Landstar Rare Normal Monster
SPW-038 Dark Magician Girl/Assault Mode Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SPW-039 Stardust Magician Girl/Assault Mode Secret Rare Effect Monster
SPW-040 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV12/Assault Mode Super Rare Effect Monster
SPW-041 Psi Kinetic Brain Commander Rare Fusion Monster
SPW-042 Old Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Common Fusion Monster
SPW-043 Big Telekinetic Brain Super Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-044 Psionic Firebird Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-045 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV12 Super Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-046 Stardust Magician Girl Secret Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-047 Angel Fairy Knight Common Synchro Monster
SPW-048 Magician Wings Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
SPW-049 Life's That's Cherish Rare Spell
SPW-050 Crystal Recruit Common Spell
SPW-051 Zombie Revelation Common Spell
SPW-052 Battle Stop Rare Quick-Play Spell
SPW-053 Elegant Transformation Super Rare Spell
SPW-054 Token Force Common Quick-Play Spell
SPW-055 Guarding the Mind Common Spell
SPW-056 Darkness Kingdom Ultimate Rare Field Spell
SPW-057 Dark Magician Girl Let Loose Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
SPW-058 Dark Tool C&D Common Equip Spell
SPW-059 Dark Counters Common Continuous Spell
SPW-060 Fusion Revial Commom Quick-Play Spell
SPW-061 Dark Stream Blast Rare Trap
SPW-062 Spell Counters Force Common Continuous Trap
SPW-063 Spell Quake Common Trap
SPW-064 Dark Feather Storm Common Counter-Trap
SPW-065 Dark Power Tool Dragon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-066 Dark Ancient Fairy Dragon Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-067 Darkness Road Warrior Secret Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-068 Guardian of Dark Order Super Rare Effect Monster
SPW-069 Blackwing Armor Dark Master Super Rare Synchro Monster
SPW-070 Stardust Magician Girl/Dragon Mode Rare Effect Monster
SPW-071 Magician Girl of Endymion Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
SPW-072 Sorcerer of Wicked Dark Magic Secret Rare Effect Monster
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