Spell of Sorrow
Spell of Sorrow
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Equip Equip
Equip this only to a monster with "Yubel" in the card title. your opponent must attack the equipped monster if possible during the battle phase of his/her turn.
Description Art's description
Sets Power of Fear POF - EN039


Toon Yubel - Kuriboh Wiseman - Winged Kuriboh - Terror Incarnate - Yubel - Necro Cannon
Neos Winged Wiseman - Rainbow Wiseman - Noble Wiseman - Winged Kuriboh - Ultimate Nightmare - Toon Neos Wiseman - Mystic Wiseman

Support Cards

Inner Strength - Nightmare Pain - Nightmare Blaster - Spell of Anger - Spell of Happiness - Spell of Sorrow - Dark Curse - Strength of the Shadows - Manipulation Force-Eternal Bond of Friends

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