Spinstorm Sky Strike
Japan-flag Romaji Senpū no Herudaibu Surasshā
Japan-flag Translated Whirlwind Hell Dive Slasher
Creator XBrain130
Card type Trap Card Trap
Property Normal Normal
When a card or effect is activated: Target 1 "Synchro Dragon" Synchro Monster you control; monsters other than that target cannot attack for the rest of this turn, also destroy as many cards on the field as possible, except that target, and if you do, that target gains 500 ATK for each of your opponent's cards destroyed by this effect, until the end of this turn. You cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters the turn you activate this card (but you can Set). If you control 1 "Synchro Dragon" Synchro Monster (and no other monsters), you can activate this card the turn it was Set.
Japanese lore
Sets Doppel Pack: Devil & Savior (DESA-EN034 - Super Rare)

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