The icon used for Splice Trap Cards.

A Splice Trap Card (スプライス罠(トラップ) Supuraisu Torappu), is a unique Type of Trap Card. Each Splice Trap Card possesses two separate effects: A regular Trap Effect, and a Splice Effect. All Splice Trap Cards affect monsters with their effects, primarily through their Splice Effects in order to perform Hybrid Summons.

Splice Trap Cards can be activated in the same way as standard Trap Cards, and those with standard, "one-use" effects will equip themselves to a monster in order to make them a potential target for a Hybrid Summon. Splice Trap Cards are also capable of acting similar to Continuous Trap Cards by remaining on the field and affecting monsters. Splice Trap Cards that act similar to Continuous Trap Cards always have Ignition effects, either as their Trap Effect or their Splice Effect, in order to designate a target for Hybrid Summons.

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