E-C "Evolute Currency" or alternatively Stage is a unique indicator for Evolute Monster, in which it determines their power and base "Evolute Counter" equal to it. Evolute Currency  are usually depicted as a yellow orb with a grey orb, located Below the card name in the middle of the name and artwork with a number that determines the E-Cs. Whereas Conjoint Evolute (known as "C-E") in which case given to Conjoint Evolute, is a purple orb, located in the same place as the E-C's, and next to the E-C. Both E-C and C-E always have to match each other.


Evolute Currency:

As the Evolute Monster is Evolute Summoned and its Summon does not get negated by cards like Solemn Warning, that monster gains "Evolute Counters" equal to the E-C it has. E-C can be used to pay costs, or diversify effects based on those. Some cards can "Refill" E-C as in giving them Evolute Counters as if they're Evolute Summoned, and some cards give them static numbers of E-C.

Conjoint Evolute

Conjoint Evolute on the other hand, has a different purpose(s), that includes:

  • Transfer the Effects, and (originally printed E-C) of the Conjoint Evolute to any Evolute Monster
  • Enables Swapping Conjoint.
  • Will transfer the Conjoint Monster’s effects
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