The Dancing Star archetype consists of of about 25 regular monsters (12 regular Effect Monsters (the male dancers) and 12 Union Monsters (the female dancers), and 1 monster who can sub for any of the males) and 13 Fusion Monsters (12 fusions of of the males with their female partners and 1 with any male and female dancer) . They are based on a style of dance that is commonly seen on Dancing with the Stars (primarily the U.S. version) and one of the 12 signs of the astrological Zodiac. The name of each one is a scramble of a professional dancer from the show. They are primarily used by Obediah "Obbie" Daniels.


The males focus on getting their partners on the field from either the hand or Deck, although some will require some kind of cost (i.e. discard from hand, Life Point payment); while the females focus on altering their partners' Level and giving them an added effect as well. However, unlike regular Union Monsters; Star Dancer Unions do not sacrifice themselves to protect their partners, and can be equipped to any non-Union Star Dancer. The Fusion Monsters are specifically created from the exact Union/non-Union partners and have the resulting Level of the Union (or some variation of), a modified version of the effect they have together, and their combined ATK and DEF. Duelists using this Deck can benefit from their semi-swarm strategy to quickly summon out Synchro and Xyz Monsters.

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