Steel Venom is a pack created by BobaFett2. It is mainly composed of Steel and Venom cards, as well as a few Jinzo-related cards. It also includes additions to the underpowered Sea Serpents. Also coming back are Crystal Beasts with the Radioactive Beasts. Lastly, it has cards that fit into the "Master of the Dark Sea" deck.

  • Lock spell and trap cards with Jinzo Overlord
  • Use Steel cards to negate monsters targeting them
Clash of the Majesties
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
SVN-001 Overlord Jinzo Secret Rare Fusion Monster
SVN-002 Jinzo Super Rare Effect Monster
SVN-003 True Psychic Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
SVN-004 Spell Canceller Rare Effect Monster
SVN-005 Venom Hydra Secret Rare Synchro Monster
SVN-006 Venom Asp (SVN) Common Tuner Monster
SVN-007 Venom Synchron Common Tuner Monster
SVN-008 Venom Warrior Super Rare Synchro Monster
SVN-009 Vennominaga's Attendant Super Rare Effect Monster
SVN-010 Venomous Wound Common Continuous Trap
SVN-011 Concentrated Venom Rare Equip Spell
SVN-012 Mad Priest LV3 Common Effect Monster
SVN-013 Mad Priest LV5 Common Effect Monster
SVN-014 Mad Priest LV7 Rare Effect Monster
SVN-015 Mad Priest LV9 Super Rare Effect Monster
SVN-016 Devolution Common Normal Spell
SVN-017 Reirr, Insane Priestess of the Dark World Rare Tuner Monster
SVN-018 Wrell, Deity of the Dark World Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
SVN-019 Dark World Blade Common Equip Spell
SVN-020 D.D. Lightning Vortex Common Normal Spell
SVN-021 Chaos Beast Grezulith Common Effect Monster
SVN-022 Herald of the Tide Common Tuner Monster
SVN-023 Dining Hall of the Fiends Rare Field Spell
SVN-024 Lifeshield Guardsman Common Effect Monster
SVN-025 Steel Beast Common Effect Monster
SVN-026 Steel Swordsman Common Effect Monster
SVN-027 Steel Knight of Raveenoss Super Rare Effect Monster
SVN-028 Raveenoss, the Steel Factory Rare Field Spell
SVN-029 Steel Dragon Legolithias Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
SVN-030 Steel Blocker Common Effect Monster
SVN-031 Rusting Rare Normal Spell
SVN-032 Hydro Fighter Common Effect Monster
SVN-033 Blue River Serpent Common Normal Monster
SVN-034 Red River Serpent Common Effect Monster
SVN-035 Yellow River Serpent Rare Effect Monster
SVN-036 Green River Serpent Common Effect Monster
SVN-037 Orange River Serpent Rare Effect Monster
SVN-038 Purple River Serpent Common Effect Monster
SVN-039 Rainbow Sea Serpent Super Rare Synchro Monster
SVN-040 Colors of the Rainbow Rare Normal Spell
SVN-041 Chromatic Serpent of the High Seas Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
SVN-042 Tidal Zone Common Field Spell
SVN-043 Thundermine Common Counter Trap
SVN-044 Occult Tricks Common Normal Spell
SVN-045 Return from Exile Common Counter Trap
SVN-046 DarkSteel Hero Blade Launcher Super Rare Fusion Monster
SVN-047 DarkSteel Armor Rare Equip Spell
SVN-048 DarkSteel Hero Steambeast Super Rare Fusion Monster
SVN-049 Darksteel Hero Steel Berserker Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
SVN-050 DarkSteel Counterblow Secret Rare Counter Trap
SVN-051 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Common Normal Monster
SVN-052 Devil Jam Common Gemini Monster
SVN-053 False Awakening Common Normal Trap
SVN-054 Devastating Power Common Normal Spell
SVN-055 Ruins of Deirgenos Common Field Spell
SVN-056 Blackbird Eater (DIE BLACKWINGS DIE!) Common Effect Monster
SVN-057 Crystal Beast Uranium Cheetah Super Rare Effect Monster
SVN-058 Crystal Beast Artificial Element Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SVN-059 Atomic Fission Common Normal Trap
SVN-060 Dark Selection Common Normal Spell
SVN-061 The Final Battlefield of Ragnarok Ultra Rare Field Spell
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