Strength of the Shadows
Strength of the Shadows
Card type Trap Card Trap
Property Counter Counter
Activate this if you control "Yubel." Destroy all monsters on the field and draw cards from your deck equal to the number of monsters destroyed by this effect.
Sets Power of Fear POF-EN065


Toon Yubel - Kuriboh Wiseman - Winged Kuriboh - Terror Incarnate - Yubel - Necro Cannon
Neos Winged Wiseman - Rainbow Wiseman - Noble Wiseman - Winged Kuriboh - Ultimate Nightmare - Toon Neos Wiseman - Mystic Wiseman

Support Cards

Inner Strength - Nightmare Pain - Nightmare Blaster - Spell of Anger - Spell of Happiness - Spell of Sorrow - Dark Curse - Strength of the Shadows - Manipulation Force-Eternal Bond of Friends

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