Structure Deck: Call of the Phantom Beasts is a Structure Deck created by GMTails.


  • Structure Deck: Call of the Phantom Beasts offers a paradigm shift for the "Phantom Beast" playstyle. Including 3 new "Phantom Beast" Spell/Traps, even the smallest of your beasts will overpower the enemy's monsters.
  • Dominate the Battle Phase with the newest "Phantom Beast" Fusion Monster, "Phantom Beast Air-Chimera", rendering your opponent unable to use any effect during that phase as long as you control a "Phantom Beast" Spell/Trap.


  • Includes new members/support for the "Phantom Beast" archetype.


Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity Category
SDCP-EN001 Phantom Beast Flambe-Claw (げん)(じゅう)フランベクロー Effect Monster
SDCP-EN002 Phantom Beast Water-Buffalo (げん)(じゅう)ウォーターバッファロ Effect Monster
SDCP-EN003 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (げん)(じゅう)(おう)ガゼル Normal Monster
SDCP-EN004 Phantom Beast Cross-Wing (げん)(じゅう)クロスウィング Effect Monster
SDCP-EN005 Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus (げん)(じゅう)サンダーペガス Effect Monster
SDCP-EN006 Phantom Beast Wild-Horn (げん)(じゅう)ワイルドホーン Effect Monster
SDCP-EN007 Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard (げん)(じゅう)ロックリザード Effect Monster
SDCP-EN008 Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion (げん)(じゅう)()オライオン Effect Monster
SDCP-EN009 Berfomet バフォメット Effect Monster
SDCP-EN010 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear (あん)(えん)(せい)-ユウシ Effect Monster
SDCP-EN011 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla (よう)(えん)(せい)-エンショウ Effect Monster
SDCP-EN012 Akz, the Pumer ピューマン Effect Monster
SDCP-EN013 Coach Soldier Wolfbark (ねっ)(けつ)(じゅう)()ウルフバーク Effect Monster
SDCP-EN014 Caninetaur (ケン)タウルス Effect Monster
SDCP-EN015 Enraged Battle Ox (げき)(こう)のミノタウルス Effect Monster
SDCP-EN016 T.G. Warwolf TG(テックジーナス) ワーウルフ Effect Monster
SDCP-EN017 Keeper of Dragon Magic (りゅう)()(どう)(しゅ)()(しゃ) Effect Monster
SDCP-EN018 Goblindbergh ゴブリンドバーグ Effect Monster
SDCP-EN019 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit ()()うさぎ Effect Tuner Monster
SDCP-EN020 Psychic Ace サイコ・エース Effect Monster
SDCP-EN021 Realm of the Phantom Beasts (げん)(じゅう)(しん)(ぜん)(かい) Field Spell Card
SDCP-EN022 Eye of the Phantom Beast (げん)(じゅう)(まなこ) Equip Spell Card
SDCP-EN023 Fire Formation - Tenki (えん)()-「(テン)() Continuous Spell Card
SDCP-EN024 Fire Formation - Tensu (えん)()-「(テン)(スウ) Continuous Spell Card
SDCP-EN025 Fire Formation - Gyokkou (えん)()-「(ギョッ)(コウ) Continuous Spell Card
SDCP-EN026 Fire Formation - Yoko (えん)()-「(ヨウ)(コウ) Continuous Spell Card
SDCP-EN027 Polymerization (ゆう)(ごう) Normal Spell Card
SDCP-EN028 Onslaught of the Fire Kings (えん)(おう)(きゅう)(しゅう) Normal Spell Card
SDCP-EN029 Galaxy Cyclone ギャラクシー・サイクロン Normal Spell Card
SDCP-EN030 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce (せん)(こう)(そう)(けん)-トライス Equip Spell Card
SDCP-EN031 Unexpected Dai ()(そう)GUY(ガイ) Normal Spell Card
SDCP-EN032 Claw of the Phantom Beast (GMTails) (げん)(じゅう)(つめ) Normal Trap Card
SDCP-EN033 Horn of the Phantom Beast (げん)(じゅう)(つの) Normal Trap Card
SDCP-EN034 Fire Formation - Tensen (えん)()-「(テン)(セン) Continuous Trap Card
SDCP-EN035 Fire Formation - Tenken (えん)()-「(テン)(ケン) Continuous Trap Card
SDCP-EN036 Fire Formation - Kaiyo (えん)()-「(カイ)(ヨウ) Continuous Trap Card
SDCP-EN037 Wall of Disruption (ぶん)(だん)(かべ) Trap Card
SDCP-EN038 Powerful Rebirth (きょう)()()(せい) Trap Card
SDCP-EN039 Jar of Avarice (どん)(よく)(かめ) Normal Trap Card
SDCP-EN040 Infinite Impermanence ()(げん)(ほう)(よう) Normal Trap Card
SDCP-EN041 Phantom Beast Air-Chimera (げん)(じゅう)エアーキマイラ Fusion Effect Monster
SDCP-EN042 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (ゆう)(よく)(げん)(じゅう)キマイラ Fusion Effect Monster