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Structure Deck: Cosmic Star Alignment (known as STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ) -宇宙星・アラインメント- in the FOCG) is a fan-made Structure Deck. This Deck follows Structure Deck: The Creation Burst and is followed by Structure Deck: Gadget Round Chaos.


This 50-card deck focuses on the "Celestial Star" archetype, including 9 new cards. It also includes 1 Enhancement Pack consisted of 5 out of 10 possible cards, always including 1 special Ultra Rare card that is native to the Structure Deck, 2 Return of the Light packs, 70 sleeves featuring the Ultra Rare monster, and a rubber playmat featuring the cover monster, plus all of the "Celestial Star" monsters to date, and Yuka Tsukimori (this, like the last playmat, will require people to picture it in your heads).

Cover card: Chaos Celestial Star Yugure


This deck includes cards of the following rarity:

The enhancement pack includes 5 cards, with ? in total of the following rarity:

Deck List

This deck includes:

Enhancement Pack List

This enhancement pack includes: