Structure Deck: Crystal Return (known as STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ) -水晶戻る- in Japan) is a fan-made Structure Deck. This Deck follows Structure Deck: Dragons of Destruction and Structure Deck: Angels of Rebirth and is followed by Revival of the Great Graviton Dragon Structure Deck.


This 45-card deck focuses on the "Crystal Beast" archetype, including 7 new cards. It also includes an Enhancement Pack consisted of 5 out of 10 possible cards, always including 1 special Ultra Rare card that is native to the Structure Deck and 1 Sacred Sanctuary booster pack.

The cover cards are "Rainbow Dragon", "Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle", "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus", and "Crystal Beast Onyx Leo".


This deck includes cards of the following rarity:

The enhancement pack includes 5 cards, with 10 in total of the following rarity:

Deck List

This deck includes:

Enhancement Pack List

This enhancement pack includes:

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