Return of the Legendary Dragon is a Dragon-themed Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! X Victory series. It is the first Structure Deck in the "X Victory" series along side Structure Deck: Horseman of Death.


The set contains a lot of the latest cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! X Victory fan fiction.

The cover card is Celestial Dragon of Order.

This Structure Deck contains 7 new cards and other cards including many reprints. This deck also holds a Synchro Monster.

This deck can be used in synergy with Wings of Night, Ghosts of the Past, and Legendary Collection X Elijah: World of Chaos.


  • SDEL1-JP001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Mosaic Rare)
  • SDEL1-JP002 Flamvell Guard (Common)
  • SDEL1-JP007 Dragon's Guardian (Super Rare)
  • SDEL1-JP009 Darkstorm Dragon (Common)
  • SDEL1-JP0?? Felgrand Dragon (Common)
  • SDEL1-JP0?? Light and Darkness Dragon (Common)
  • SDEL1-JP0?? Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Common)


There are 42 cards in the deck in total These are comprised of:

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