A Machine deck that hasn't been thought through GREATLY, but it works... sorta...

Mainly beatdown, BUT includes a couple tactical cards and cards from Ancient Power/Rise of the God. Hopefully, most of these cards will have an artwork, hand drawn by me, (also a couple i found on google) and given a backround in Paint.

Chaos Mecha - SDRD-001

King Aj! - SDK-I-N-G

Equipped Robo - SDRD-002

Mechanic Warrior - Oshan - SDRD-003

Hayato, the Deity of the Machines - SDRD-004

Neobot - SDRD-005

Cyber Soldier - SDRD-006 (x3)

Cyber Dragon - SDRD-007

Mechano-Plane - SDRD-008

Nightmare Acceleration Catcher - SDRD-009 (x2)

Chaos Mecha Incarnate - SDRD-010 (x3)

Codebreaker - SDRD-011

Crusher Tank Model T-89 - SDRD-012

Pyrebot - SDRD-013 (x3)

Master Machine Schwarz - SDRD-014 (x2)

Machine Cannon - SDRD-015

Electrical Discharge - SDRD-016

Premature Burial - SDRD-017

Sniper Scope - SDRD-018 (x2)

Implosion - SDRD-019 (x3)

Mechanic Comeback - SDRD-020

Illusion of Hayato - SDRD-021 (x2)

Signal Receiver - SDRD-022

Metalmorph - SDRD-023

Call of the Haunted - SDRD-024

Intimidating Leer - SDRD-025 (x3)

Widespread Ruin - SDRD-026

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