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Structure Deck: The Creation Burst (known as STRUCTURE DECK(ストラクチャーデッキ) -ザ・クリエイション・バースト- in the FOCG) is a fan-made Structure Deck. This Deck follows Structure Deck: Mechanical Mayhem and is followed by Structure Deck: Cosmic Star Alignment.


This 50-card deck focuses on the popular "Shooting Quasar Dragon" card, including 8 new cards. It also includes 2 Enhancement Packs consisted of 8 out of 25 possible cards, always including 2 special Ultra Rare cards that is native to the Structure Deck, 1 Return of the Light pack, 1 other random booster pack (from either Dance of Light, Sacred Sanctuary, or Return from the Deep), 70 sleeves featuring the Ultra Rare monster, and a rubber playmat featuring the cover monster, plus "Stardust Dragon", "Shooting Star Dragon", and Yusei Fudo.

The cover card: Shooting Quasar Dragon.


This deck includes cards of the following rarity:

The enhancement pack includes 5 cards, with ? in total of the following rarity:

Deck List

This deck includes:

Enhancement Pack List

This enhancement pack includes: