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Archetype Information
Name Succubi
Kanji サキュバス
Phonetic Sakyubasu
Appears In Yugioh DQ
Owner Oscura

One of the Succubi - Agrat Bat Mahlat

Succubi(サキュバス) also known as Succubus are the newest Fiend-Type archetypes in this set. They will appear in the Yugioh DQ Manga in the future. They are being used by Oscura.


The Succubi artworks are all made by the a deviantart artist named Genzoman. They were taken from the Succubi, an angels of prostitutions. Originally, they are 4 of them but in this set they are many Succubi that is yet to be revealed, fictional or legend alike. Succubi appearances showing too much skin and sexy figures close to nudity.

Playing Style

Succubi are all Fiend-Type monsters that has the ability to equip other monsters and use them to their advantage only once per turn and they can only equip 1 monster at a time. Each time that they will be destroyed, the equipped monster will be the substitute for their destruction. Use Mist Body to prolong their immunity from battle destruction.


Even though the equipped monsters will substitute for their destruction, they will be still vulnerable from cards like Dark Core, Disarmament, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and other cards that will remove them from play, return them from hand or cards that destroy Equip Spell Cards.