A Summon (召喚 Shoukan) is performed when a monster is transferred from either the Main Deck, Extra Deck, Graveyard, Removed from Play pile, or hand to a face-up position on the Playing Field.

There exists a number of different types of Summonings.

In the anime, manga and video games, the following are also available.

Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Dark Synchro and Transformation Summons are also considered to be Special Summons. A Tribute Summon is also considered to be a Normal Summon. A Tribute Set is also considered to be a Set.

Gemini Summons, Accel Synchro Summons and Contact Fusions are classes of Normal, Synchro and Special Summons respectively, but are not considered to be separate Summon rules.

Flip and Special Summon may be conducted as many times as you would like per turn, provided you have the cards to do so, and there are no cards in play restricting special summoning.

Sets are not treated as Summons.

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