Super Composition Summon (スーパー(こう)()(しょう)(かん), Sūpā Kōzu Shoukan) is a term used to refer to an advanced form of Composition Summoning through the use of Composition Base Monsters. It is set to debut during the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART.

To perform a Super Composition Summon, a player must control a Composition Base monster, either printed or treated as a Base Monster. When a player declares a Super Composition Summon, all of the Composition Base's Composition Materials are sent to the Graveyard, and then the new Materials are chosen from the new pool of Graveyard monsters. When all the proper Materials are chosen, they, along with the Composition Base, are placed in front of the Monster Card Zone, and the Super Composition Monster is placed in that Monster Card Zone, much like a normal Composition Summon.

Potential problems involving Compositions not having Levels do not apply with Super Composition Summons, as a Super Composition Monster almost always states the required Quality of their Base in their Material descriptions (ex. 1 Quality 5 Base Composition Monster). The only time this may not occur is when the required Composition Base is specifically named; in such a case, the Base can either have a stated Quality or be allowed to be any Quality (whichever it is always stated). Super Composition Monsters also know whether their required Base is a printed Base or not; if a required Composition Base is not printed as a Base, the Super Composition Monster will state that it must be "treated as a Base".

Graveyard Materials are also a lot more lax than in normal Composition Summon, allowing the Duelist to use any number of Materials in the Graveyard, provided they usually don't exceed a certain number (ex. 1-6 monsters in your Graveyard). In some cases, not even these restrictions apply (ex. 1 or more monsters), effectively allowing a Duelist to use their entire Graveyard for a Super Composition Summon.

In the anime, Super Composition Monsters' Composition Materials are referred to as Super Soul Towers, looking similar to regular Soul Towers, but being larger, having fancier, gold-colored holders for the white crystals, and the crystals themselves now being shaped like five-pointed stars. Also, rather than colored lightning, Super Soul Towers fire beams of light at the monster, their color still matching their Attribute.

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