This article is about the Archetype. For the characters, see Sykonetyks (group).

The Sykonetyks (a play on "psychokinetic") are an Archetype of Psychic-Type monsters of all six Attributes. Their members are generally Levels 3-6, with others being up to Level 12.


Each member is named after a different variation of psychokinesis, including psychokinesis itself:

Sykonetyk/Psychokinesis Variant (Name + "kinesis") Controlled Element(s)
Aciu Sharpness
Aero Air
Amo Love
Anti Antimatter
Astro Cosmic Energy
Atmo Weather
Atmos Earth, Water, Fire, and Air
Bio Organic Matter
Caries Decaying
Chaeto Hair
Chromo Color
Chrono Time
Cryo Ice
Crystallo Crystals
Dendro Wood
Derma Skin
Electro Electricity
Eleo Oil
Ferro Metal
Flora Flowers
Frigo Snow
Geo Earth
Gravito Gravity
Halluci Illusions
Helio Solar Energy
Hemo Blood
Hyalo Glass
Hydro Water
Hypno Sleep
Konio Dust Particles
Lipo Fat
Magma Lava
Magno Magnetic Fields
Melano Ink
Mene Lunar Energy
Mnemo Memories
Myco Fungi
Myo Muscle Structure
Myxo Slime
Nitro Explosions/Implosions
Omni All Variations
Oneiro Dreams
Onycho Nails
Osteo Bones
Ourano Space
Papyro Paper
Photo Light
Phyto Leaves
Piezo Pressure
Psammo Sand
Psycho Basic Variant
Pyro Fire
Radio Radiation
Rego Vectors
Seismo Vibrations
Sono Sound
Thermo Temperature
Toxi Poison
Tycho Probability
Typho Smoke
Umbra Darkness

Play Style

Sykonetyks, on their own, don't support each other very well, if at all, instead focusing on using their own powers to aid them. Said powers give the Sykonetyks a VERY broad range of effects for any situation. However, being Psychic-Types, they mesh very well in Psychic Decks, allowing them to take advantage of the Psychic Type's potent support cards.

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