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"Clear Wing Synchro Dragon".

Synchro Dragon (シンクロ・ドラゴン Shinkuro Doragon) is an archetype of Dragon-Type monsters used by Yugo, and is one of multiple archetypes that derive from the Dragons of the Summoning Dimensions, consisting of Yugo's ace card, "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", and other Synchro Monsters that are off-shoots of it.

This is an open archetype, and is not restricted to any one cardmaker.

Play Style

Playing off of "Clear Wing", "Synchro Dragon" monsters involve countering your opponent's moves, usually involving Level 5 or higher monsters, while simultaneously gaining ATK in the process in order to gain the upper hand. Higher-Level "Synchro Dragon" monsters require "Clear Wing" as a Synchro Material to use all of their effects, so low-Level Tuners are needed to fully utilize them, with "Dimension Synchron" being the most effective Tuner, having access to multiple different Levels while also powering up any "Synchro Dragon" monsters it is used to Synchro Summon.

As all "Synchro Dragon" monsters are Synchro Monsters, they benefit greatly from Synchro Monster support such as "Synchro Blast Wave", and as one of the Summon Dimension Dragon archetypes, they are supported by "Dimension Roar".