"TXyz", short for "Toon Xyz", is a group of upgraded Xyz Monsters, summoned through "Rank-Up-Magic Cartoon Transformation". They are closely tied to the "Number T" Monsters due to their shared "Rank-Up-Magic". They are primarily used by Theodor Crawford in honor of Maximillion Pegasus. These Monsters are created through the power of "Toon World". Thus, all "TXyz" Monsters are also Toon Monsters.

Xyz Materials attached to "TXyz" Monsters resemble pink balls and are called "Animated Overlay Units".

"TXyz" Monsters are usually very colorful in appearance, like other Toon Monsters. They resemble comicish or childish versions of their previous forms. All "TXyz" Monsters have the usual effects of Toon Monsters, such as attacking directly if there are no Toons on the opponents field. All of them also have a secondary effect if their original form is attached to them. These effects mainly focus on ATK and battle manipulation.

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