This set is the sequel to Chromatic Genesis continuing some of the previous sets ideas and introducing new ones. Once again it will be re-ordered to comply with booster standards when it is complete.

· THU-001 Slumbering Great Ones (SR)

· THU-002 Lunar Iron (C)

· THU-003 Garuda Cliffspyer (C)

· THU-004 Garuda Liberator (C)

· THU-005 Spiritualist Priest (C)

· THU-006 Urad General (R)

· THU-007 Dawn Incarnate (UR)

· THU-008 Armies of Heaven (UR)

· THU-009 Dimensional Flash (SR)

· THU-010 Master Armor (C)

· THU-011 Dragonhunter Eagle (R)

· THU-012 Undying Dragon (UR)

· THU-013 Exiled Priest (C)

· THU-014 Absorbing Bubble (SR)

· THU-015 Frontline Director (C)

· THU-016 Personal Light Shield (C)

· THU-017 Self-Doubt (C)

· THU-018 Priest Zealot (R)

· THU-019 Noble Militant Priest (C)

· THU-020 Dagger Storm (R)

· THU-021 Rescue (C)

· THU-022 Recompensation of Faith (R)

· THU-023 White Knight (C)

· THU-024 Stranded Soldier (C)

· THU-025 Blade Feather Storm (R)

· THU-026 Scour (C)

· THU-027 Self-Righteous Priest Inquisitor (C)

· THU-028 Mindreader Runemage (R)

· THU-029 Mighty Megrain (UR)

· THU-030 Coastal Garuda (C)

· THU-031 Dragonic Metamorphosis (UR)

· THU-032 Treaty of Silence (UR)

· THU-033 Drive Away (C)

· THU-034 Vortex Dragon (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-035 Vortex Mer (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-036 Vortex Mer Warrior (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-037 Common Weakness (C) (Spell)

· THU-038 Rising Angel (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-039 Contagious Disease (R) (Spell)

· THU-040 Grave Instigator (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-041 Unloving Caress (C) (Spell)

· THU-042 Forced Admission (C) (Spell)

· THU-043 Grieving Zombie (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-044 Death Staller (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-045 Death's Oasis (R) (Spell)

· THU-046 Death Chameleon (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-047 Desperation (SR) (Spell)

· THU-048 Gargantuan Phobia (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-049 Raging Phobia (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-050 Ransacking Folk (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-051 Gob Slug (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-052 Pursuer (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-053 Vial of Venom (C) (Spell)

· THU-054 Bird of Doom (UR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-055 Sadist's Treant (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-056 Incarnate Ball Lightning (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-057 Hesitation (C) (Counter Trap Card)

· THU-058 Nanotech Herald (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-059 Steel Snake (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-060 Prickly Gust (C) (Trap Card)

· THU-061 Renewed Fire (SR) (Spell Card)

· THU-062 Incarnate Shaman of Eternal Burning (UR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-063 Enduring Thunder Incarnate (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-064 Loathe Recruit (R) (Spell Card)

· THU-065 Enduring Aviary Gremlins (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-066 Hiver Tender (C) (Normal Tuner)

· THU-067 Sundowndell Lindworm (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-068 Spiral of Destiny (ScR) (Continuous Spell Card)

· THU-069 Evergladedrinker Great One (R) (Normal Tuner)

· THU-070 Monsterize (C) (Spell Card)

· THU-071 Hiver Guard (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-072 Glowing Spread (R) (Spell Card)

· THU-073 Primitiveheart Incarnate (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-074 Noble Energy Incarnate (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-075 Beastly Nature (R) (Spell Card)

· THU-076 Whirling Goblin Shaman (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-077 Hiver Troop (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-078 Digging Treant Druid (C) (Normal Tuner)

· THU-079 Identical Blade Hiver (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-080 Wovenbough Treant Shaman (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-081 Cloud of Bats (R) (Trap Card)

· THU-082 Summon Phantom (C) (Trap Card)

· THU-083 Bloodied Spirit (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-084 Cauldron Smog (R) (Trap Card)

· THU-085 Deathwhisperer Phobia (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-086 Champion of Dignity (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-087 Light and Darkness Blade (C) (Equip Card)

· THU-088 Interminability Incarnate (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-089 Hedge-Witch Hag (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-090 Garnering Hag (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-091 Darksky Imitator (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-092 Squeeze Hag (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-093 Re-Enter Combat (SR) (Spell Card)

· THU-094 Restless Specter (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-095 Tranquilmoon Knight (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-096 Unravel (C) (Trap Card)

· THU-097 Insatiability Incarnate (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-098 Requisition the Sky (SR) (Spell Card)

· THU-099 Three Element Staff (C) (Equip Spell Card)

· THU-100 Fizzling Incarnate (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-101 Cliff Pwca (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-102 Champion of Fealty (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-103 Trap of Weapon-Swapping (C) (Trap Card)

· THU-104 Mentalwrecker Phobia (SR) (Effect Monster)

· THU-105 Luster Mirror (SR) (Continuous Spell Card)

· THU-106 Kelpie Thief (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-107 Destroy Utterly (C) (Trap Card)

· THU-108 Shooting Blind (R) (Spell Card)

· THU-109 Crabapple Treant (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-110 Staunch Hiver Druid (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-111 Amazing Appearance (SR) (Trap Card)

· THU-112 Group of Hivers (R) (Effect Monster)

· THU-113 Distanthaven Hiver Druid (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-114 Successful Defenses (R) (Continuous Spell Card)

· THU-115 Fireshaman Treant (C) (Effect Monster)

· THU-116 Merry Interference (C) (Spell Card)

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