Taion Yuki is the son of Jaden Yuki and Alexis Rhodes.




Full-body Taion.

Taion resembles both of his parents in an about equal manner. His hair is styled similarly to his father, but with less spiky and his mother's bangs and back locks; and with lighter, dark blond tones. His eyes are shaped like Jaden's, but rounder, and the irises and a dark yellow like the upper hair layer.

Taion wears the Obelisk blue-trimmed white blazer, a black turtleneck under it, crimson pants, and blue shoes.

His Duel Disk is the silver-colored standard Academy model with Obelisk's blue trims.


Taion took a lot from his mother's temperament, so differently from his father he's very diligent and smart, and he does his work. But once it's done he likes having wild fun just like Jaden. He uses the pronoun "boku".


"Taion" can can be interpreted as "Future Boy" or "Future Hero", referring to Alexis' Japanese name meaning "tomorrow's fragrance" and (in the latter) Jaden's "HERO" decks.


Jaden and Alexis


The Yuki family.

Taion was mostly raised by his father due to Alexis becoming a teacher at the Duel Academy. However, he comes to visit them in every free day she has, so she isn't missing from Taion's life. Due to this, Taion has a very close bond with his father, but greatly admies his mother for working so hard and yet still deeply loving her family.



Yubel annoying Taion.

Yubel and Taion have a peculiar relationship. When he was conceived, a small fragment of her soul was carried as well, so she is also inside him. Yubel is bitter about him because the resemblance to the mother, but can't bring herself to hurt him seriously because he's still half his father. So she and the kid develop a weird "boy and his jerkish pseudo-aunt companion spirit" type of relationship. She likes to snark about what he does and annoy him.


Taion's Deck theme is "Acrobatic Warriors", Warrior-Types that use both Fusion and Ritual Summons in tandem.



  • Taion's birth year of 2015 is the year in which the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place, continuing the references to it present in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (such as the the 3rd season's themes and tones, or the protagonists' love interests being named "Asuka" and "Rei" (Alexis and Blair respectively in the YGO dub)).
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