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Well, i think its nothing wrong with it.becouse if i dont summon a monster i can also get burned....and there are much more cards on the world that are OP more that this. Thank you. -Hercekj

Either way, freely-usable upper-diagonal arrows absolutely have to go, because they make Extra Link a joke to pull off. See Flash Charge Dragon and Topologic Zeroboros. --XBRAIN130™ 12:05, September 26, 2019 (UTC)

Hmm,.. I have some ideas to change 1st effect and link arrows. I will try to make it not OP but if you understand me, I am just a human who likes to make cards, and I understand there are rules and I will try to follow them. Thanks for responding so fast. -Hercekj

So please if there is anything wrong, tell me what to change bcs,.. I like this card and I dont want to be deleted.



I would like you moderators to respond, I realy want this -red thing- to be deleated. If there is something to change, please tell me so I cant change this. I could tell you where did I get inspiration Yu-gi-oh! ZEXAL Episode (54) Dextra's combo of 3 cards, but a lot weaker, there is 1500 damage, but here is 500 damage. I would like to corporate with you moderators, and I know there is a lot of rules, but I just enjoy when I make cards if you understand me.


-Hercekj, 27.9.2019, 15:32 Slovenia

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