Temporal (時間的 Jikan-teki) is an Archetype of monsters of multiple Types created by Taylor Gorrell. They are used by Zaman, the time-traveling reformed antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 4D Love Surpassing Time, who is credited with their invention. In their debut appearance, the Temporals were a mix of LIGHT, DARK, and EARTH, but in all subsequent appearances, a remodeling by Zaman has changed them to the seventh non-DIVINE Attribute, TIME. All members of this Archetype sport a strange clock face somewhere on their bodies.

Play Style

As their time theme clearly shows, Temporal monsters revolve around manipulating and using the turn count to the user's advantage, primarily through the Field Spell "Dimensional Clock" (which isn't technically part of this Archetype), moving the count back and forward to meet requirements. Some members of this Archetype also have effects requiring a number of the user's turns to pass, which is also made easier through "Dimensional Clock".

While not as pronounced a quality as in Archetypes such as "Shining Comet" and "Iridesk", Temporals also possess broad Summoning capabilities, currently possessing a Ritual Monster, a Fusion Monster, a Synchro Monster, an Xyz Monster, two Pendulum Monsters, a Composition Monster, a Hybrid Monster, and two Timewarp Monsters.

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